May 2024


Whatchamacallit 113: Bluetooth Headphones

So, I bought this particular pair of Bluetooth headphones awhile back – sometime last summer. I have no idea how much I paid for them. However, I paid 15.99€ each for two backup sets at the outbreak of the Covid-19 Crisis because I was worried that if this pair broke (and they will, one […]

Whatchamacallit 3: My New Orchid

Monday morning, I went for my (now) usual morning constitutional – leaving home at 06:00, back around 07:30. The goal is to get my 10,000 steps in while the streets are deserted.

There is a careful dance early in the morning – people take detours in order to avoid each other – whether a […]

An Update on Getting Fit

My second great experiment with the gym began last November (for those of you unaware, I had a great experiment with the gym when I lived in Bloomington – and, in fact, when I moved here, I wasn’t slim, but I wasn’t fat – my German driving license shows a much slimmer (in the face) […]

Outta Hibernation!

Sorry about my silence the last weekend, but the sun came out and, consequently, I went out. I’ve gone for a number of long walks out into the country side, and then in the evenings I’ve either been plum tuckered out, or, like last night, I went over to a friend’s place to hang out […]

I’m so high!

The realities of my new apartment are starting to set in.

It’s high.

I noticed this today because I carried over some essentials for living: sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, and kitchen wares. I did it in two trips, one with heavy stuff from a friend’s basement, the other with heavy stuff stored in another friend’s […]

No Yoga For You!

Re: Yesterday’s Angry Whopper.

If you live in either Indonesia or Malaysia and are Muslim, you probably shouldn’t eat the Angry Whopper—You are specifically forbidden from doing Yoga, so you’d need to find some other way to burn off the 880 calories it offers:

Indonesia has joined Malaysia in banning Muslims from practising yoga that […]

How do you measure a…

And why is it pissed?

One of my favorite Flickr features is my “stats” page—I don’t do a great deal of photo promotion—rarely do my shots join groups. Therefore, it’s always interesting to me when I see an obscure picture suddenly get a lot of attention.

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been both […]