May 2024


Looking back… Today in my history!

Now that I no longer have anything left in storage Stateside (although my Mom might beg to differ), all of my precious belongings are with me in Berlin – the most precious of which are memories.

Like, for example, my calendars – from 1994 through 2002, I kept paper calendars with all my exams, appointments, […]

My Persnickety Eyes and Me

Back when I was in Bloomington I decided to get my eyes examined – yes, I know I could do this in Germany, but doing it in Bloomington was nice because the people there know that I have a weird problem with my eyes and can check in on it.

I came away from the […]

My afternoon was so bright, I had to wear shades!

Make no bones about it, despite the cloudy weather, Monday afternoon I was wearing shades.

This was because I spent some time at the IU School of Optometry getting my eyes examined by Liz, a student—and I chose to get my eye examination here in Bloomington because her supervisor is the doctor who diagnosed what […]

Coming of Age

I called my Father this weekend and learned that last Thursday he lost his drivers license.

Not that it was a big surprise—one could see it coming: after multiple eye surgeries, not one of which restored his ability to read books, never mind drive, it was probably somewhat anticlimactic at the drivers’ license office when […]

Gnashing and Wailing…

Yeah, so I went to the dentist and the optometrist today—and I’m happy to report that all went as well as it could have gone.

My time at the dentist’s office went very quickly: I was in and out of the office in about 35 minutes, at the most. The part of the procedure I […]

Eye for an Eye

And a tooth for a tooth.

Monday morning I’m getting a tooth filled—and since I’m in for a penny, I decided to go for getting my eyes examined as well. I hate getting my eyes examined even more than getting teeth filled.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be staying in a very dark cave—although it will seem […]


Today I got my eyes dialated and checked out… I couldn’t see much, but thanks to Mike for driving me home!