July 2024


Fall = Pumpkin Spice MADNESS in the USA!

I love the Pumpkin Snaps, I can leave the Pumpkin Spice Popcorn. I’ll try the pasta sauce tonight

If I weren’t lactose intolerant.

Yesterday I popped into a Spouts Market – an American Organic Supermarket chain that is challenging Whole Foods by being affordable.

What immediately caught my eye is the appearance of […]

Three Things I’m Missing Since I’m Hitting the Road.

I’m leaving town this week — and while I’m gone, I’ll be missing (at least) three big things:

The first thing I’ll be missing is the German Federal Elections, which will be held Sunday the 22nd. As a political junkie I’ll “miss” it to some extent — but as a non-citizen, I have no […]

Things I saw Saturday morning…

Passing an empty playground, I discovered all these autos lined up.

Walking down the cold street, a warm flower…

Bollards do hard work, and a thoughtful Berliner knitted them some hats…



Gotta Adjust Myself

I have to admit that fall has really snuck up on me – not temperature wise, but light wise.

The temperatures really dropped in August and I’ll readily admit to having worn sweaters and long-sleeved shirts in August and September in order to keep warm. I managed to hold off turning on the heat until […]

Kurbis (Pumpkin) Festival in Berlin!

As it happens I am in the middle of a large and time sensitive project so I find myself working this weekend—and I decided to check out one of the nearby cafes, Café Bilderbuch, to see if it was a good working environment.

The short answer is no, not on the weekends.

The long answer […]

Pretty Gourd-geous

79 cent at Edeka

Schloß Ettersburg

It shouldn’t surprise me, but there was another castle near Weimar that I didn’t know about—close enough that it is on the city bus route, the number 6, north of the city: Schloß Ettersburg.

I made plans to head out there this weekend to take photos in the sunlight, but Friday afternoon, since I was […]

Beautiful Fall Colors in Weimar

I have to confess that I cannot remember a more spectacular fall in Weimar. The trees are the most colorful I can remember—deep, rich, honest colors.


Pinedale Roundup

I didn’t say yesterday where I travelled to, but it was Pinedale, Wyoming. Pinedale is the county seat for Sublette County—a county home to 5920 people.

Site of Project Wagon Wheel

Honestly it’s another stop on the Adam’s wacko-tour of Wyoming. This stop was all about going to see the site of Project Wagon […]


I happened to look out the windows this afternoon on the train, and I can only say that the fall colors in this area are every bit as spectacular as the colors in Indiana… it’s beautiful here!

How are colors in your neck of the woods?