April 2024


Protected: Some notes on DadE (The same password as last time)

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An Early Monday Morning Update

Last fall I planned this weekend getaway to Las Vegas.

The core reason why is a bit embarrassing (*cough*elitestatus*cough*), but it turns out Vegas is an inexpensive trip from Berlin: 565€, round trip, and I planned for three nights.

Now if I didn’t have a friend who lived in Vegas, one I haven’t seen in […]

Protected: Life gets messy. And I’m too far away from it most of the time.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Slowly Emerging

If I’ve been vacant from blogging and the holiday season there are two good reasons.

First I opted to stay in Germany rather than travel to see my family this year. It’s less stressful and more relaxing to visit my family at other times of the year—like October when one doesn’t have to cram events […]

Adios Denver

Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

It’s been a great week in Denver.

Unfortunately in less than 24 hours I will be winging my way east toward Old Europe, leaving behind my family for the land of good bread.

Whilst in Denver, not only did I buy five pair of blue jeans, I also picked […]

26 May 1958

Fifty years ago today my parents got married in New York City.

Just thought I’d share.

Coming of Age

I called my Father this weekend and learned that last Thursday he lost his drivers license.

Not that it was a big surprise—one could see it coming: after multiple eye surgeries, not one of which restored his ability to read books, never mind drive, it was probably somewhat anticlimactic at the drivers’ license office when […]

Last Sibling

One of the bad things about being the fourth child in a family with four children (or for that matter, any child but the first child), is the fact that the path you walk is not a new path.

In elementary school, I had the same kindergarten teacher and third grade teacher as at least […]

Who Am I?

One of the pleasures of stopping by New York City was the opportunity to see my 94 year old Great Aunt. At the same my Father was in town—we were not originally scheduled to overlap until the blizzard cancelled his initial flight and postponed his trip to The City.

My Great Aunt is full of […]

Happy New Year!

Last night, I had the honor of sharing New Year’s Eve with my friend Katya’s family here in Kyiv (Қиїв), The Ukraine.

In my mind, New Year’s Eve is a holiday that people celebrate in public and with friends and strangers. It is an antidote to the extremely private and family orientation of the Thanksgiving […]