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48: The Eleven in the Middle

Ah… time to bore you with 11 states in the middle of the country, now that I’ve cleared the 12 in the West. I’m en route to talking about the 48 Contiguous United States – and in the near future I will have visited all 48, leaving only Alaska and Hawaii to visit.

North Dakota […]

Photos from Bloomington, Fargo, Moorhead, and Colorado

The mixer for making dough at Greek's Pizza

This is the replica Stave Church in Moorhead, Minnesota.

The stunningly beautiful and restored Hotel Donaldson, Fargo, North Dakota

At Jax, in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ritter Sport costs $3.19! I prefer paying 79 cents at the Ritter Sport store in Berlin.

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Fargo should have been the least of my concerns!

This has been an interesting trip – at least weather wise – and not always in a good way.

From the moment I planned this trip I was most worried about Fargo and it’s extremely cold temperatures. Instead I’ve experienced a miserable snowstorm in Denver that made driving a challenge and, Tuesday afternoon in Bloomington, […]

Oh my! It’s Thursday evening already!

Wow – I haven’t posted since Monday morning and it’s now Thursday evening – and I will barely make it to posting this before my blog thinks it is Friday.

Long story short, I’ve had a great week.

I went to Fargo, North Dakota, in order to see old college friends – who moved to […]

I’ve crossed yet another mental line.

As a result of growing up in Denver, Colorado, and the United States, there are certain things that, when I hear, I should automatically assume certain things.

For example, when I hear the word “Georgia”, I should think of that state in the southeastern part of the United States. Long ago I stopped thinking of […]