June 2024


Strausseefähre / F39 / Strausberg bei Berlin

Strausseefähre – F39 – Docked on the town side.

You can see the overhead power supply, and the cable guides.

For reasons that I would rather not go into right now, a couple weeks ago I did some research on Strausberg – the far east end of Berlin’s S-Bahn S5 route. While doing […]

I’ve ridden all six BVG Ferry Routes, from End-to-End

As I noted two weeks ago, Berlin’s public transportation network includes ferries – and in my first three years of living here, I never had occasion to take one. But then, once I learned that F24 is a rowboat, I decided to ride.

And some how, since I rode two ferry routes that back on […]

S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Trams, and Buses … what have I forgotten? Ferries!

The Paule III (a rowboat operated BVG route F24) arriving at Spreeweisen, as seen from the other end of the route, Kruggasse.

Map of the area in question.

Saturday I finally accomplished one of my longer wants – I took a ferry.

Actually I took two.

And neither cost me a cent – […]

05.09.2005: Superferry!

I took my first overnight ferry (the MV Superferry) last night (Sunday night) from Swansea, Wales, to Cork, Ireland. Let me be the first to announce that the Swansea-Cork Ferry’s terminal in Swansea is horribly located-I had to take a taxi out to the passenger terminal, including tip it ran £7, tip inclusive. At the […]

Ferry Rides

The ferry ride between Helsinki and Tallinn takes about 3 hours–which leaves one three hours to buy duty free booze, duty free chocolate, duty free purfume, or… kill time.

On our way back to Tallinn we killed time in one of the onboard bar/clubs where we watched Karaoke in Finnish. I didn’t understand a single […]

Tallinn and Helsinki Update

Quick update from the road: Tallinn is an incredibly beautiful city and I adore it. Lots of pretty churches, beautiful buildings, and nice plazas. It is also cold and snowy–but that is probably more related to the February date than anything else.

We took the 16:00 ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki, operated by Tallink–it was […]