May 2024


Whatchamacallit 11: Mr. Ben for April

Since 2009 I’ve had a calendar of firefighters on my wall.

For the first 9 years, it was the Colorado Firefighters Calendar, which supports the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

However, as time went by, I became less and less enchanted with the calendar: it started out slick, but it became slicker. With the main photos, […]

My Saturday in Berlin: Thai, Firefighers, and Kites

Tempelhofer Feld, with people and kites!

The weather in Berlin right now is incredibly warm – mid September and the temperatures are in the upper 20s.

Saturday I hung out with one of my colleagues, hitting up Preußenpark and it’s weekend Thai food market. I’m not sure about the exact history of the […]

My favorite German office: the Customs Office

Yes, I know, some members of the expat community are unhappy with the German Customs Office because they weren’t notified that a package was waiting for them: to my friend, Heidelbergerin, I am sympathetic.

I’m annoyed because the German Customs Office seems to have it out for me. Normal mail seems to spend six weeks […]

Berlin Firefighter Challenge 2011

Here to save the day.

Today, by chance, I stumbled upon the Berlin Firefighter Challenge at Potsdammer Platz. I was actually on my way home after doing a little bit of shopping (I bought a new Crumpler bag), riding the bus when I saw the activity and decided to get off the bus.

June’s Firefighter

Not to my taste.

Now that June's here, I am depressed not just by the constant rain…

Die Herren Dezember

A couple days ago, while whining about gay dating sites, I noted that I had three Herren Dezember watching over me.

Three fabulous gentlemen are positioned around my apartment making sure that nothing bad happens to me.

Going from left to right that’s a firefighter, a model, and a bull-rider.

The firefighter, […]

Sie wählen die heißesten Feuerwehrmänner Thüringens!

I’ve voted for Thüringen’s hottest firemen. Three of them, actually. Here were my choices:

I really think Stephan, 22, of Gera is cute. Yeah, he's sticking his tongue out, but that's fine given the context as he's holding a cute baby!

This falls into the […]

Thüringens heißeste Feuerwehrmänner

One of my colleagues taking a quick spin through my vacation photos on the old blog noticed the “Fired Up” photos of Colorado’s firemen and told me about the Antenne Thüringen contest to find Thüringen’s hottest fireman; sponsored by Original Greußener Salami.

It turns out that while I might intentionally set fire to my home […]

Fired Up for Yummy Heroes

Rescue Me!

I thought it would be too early to pick up 2010 calendars in October, but I’m happy to report that whilst in Denver, I picked up the 2010 “Fired Up for Kids” calendar that supports the Children’s Hospital Burn Unit in Denver.

The calendar features 15 different firefighters from across Colorado […]

Theaterplatz, Last Saturday

Nothing’s more awesome than seeing old fire trucks!

On display, not at work.