July 2024


Mooned in Mobile; Happy 2013!

Happy… Fourth

I’ve seen this mentioned on quite a few expatriate blogs and on non-expatriate blogs, so the fact that I am adding to the choir probably doesn’t add much, but regardless, Happy Fourth of July.

American Independence Day.

I’ve spent my day in Evansville, Indiana, a quaint city on the Ohio River.

This morning I took […]

Random Stuff

I’ve been feeling lackluster about doing extensive writing.

Watch, now that I’ve typed that sentence, this is going to be an enormous blog entry, covering all kinds of interesting stuff—some of it shocking.

Take, for instance, the news about a 22 year old British guy sticking a fire-cracker up his ass to celebrate Guy Fawkes […]

Fireworks and Sleep

I spent last night in Weimar-actually I am still here.

I came over to Weimar to watch fireworks down by the River Ilm, which due to the late setting sun was correspondingly late. The fireworks finally went off at 10:30 and were rather spectacular. It was a substitute for my non-existent Fourth of July. Well, […]

New Year’s Eve, Prague Style

Now that I’m on my way back home and my suitcase is with me, I decided to rewrite some of what I had written before about New Year’s Eve in Prague and instead focus on the positive about having had my suitcase misplaced for a day and a half.

I had to wear my heavy […]

Denver, Colorado

A funny thing occurred to me on my way to the very gay Diedrichs at the corner of 9th and Downing in the gay Denver neighborhood. Somewhere between 1992 and today, either I’ve become cooler or Denver’s become cooler.

No longer does Denver seem to suck so badly. I think I can actually understand why […]