July 2024


I had a great day – running across Berlin to see old friends!

I might point out the obvious: today is April 1st.

And the odds of me actually running a kilometer are about equal to the odds that I would run a half marathon, in other words, zero.

What I actually did was go to the other side of Berlin and see friends who I haven’t seen […]

I’m running today.

I’ve been keeping a secret!

And nobody has suspected!

You see, inspired by No Apathy Allowed and despite my Hexenschuss – I’m running in today’s Berlin Half Marathon!

See you at the finish line!

Ack! Between my Hexenschuss and my trip to Amsterdam…

I’ve gained two kilo in the past two weeks – and I’ll blame one kilo on not going to the gym, and the other kilo on Amsterdam.

With respect to the gym, once the Hexenschuss hit, I stopped going to the gym for over a week, and when I started going to the gym again, […]

18:00 CET: Changing laundry loads

In retrospect, today’s photo was bound to happen, sometime – I just hadn’t quite expected it to be today.

The towels are about to come out and the dirty clothes to go in.

Basically I do clothing laundry roughly twice a week, usually right after every other trip to the gym, when […]

Warning from my gym’s dominatrix!

Yes, I will realize my good New Year’s resolutions.

Or, and this is my interpretation, the dominatrix will use her whip on me.

At the risk of sounding somewhat… boring, I have totally lost track of time.

Some how it is Tuesday, almost 9pm, and I am sitting on my couch, feet splayed out on the ottoman, and thinking about bed.

It’s been, on many levels, an extraordinarily good couple of days – starting with gym crap: I keep going. There are times that I question my sanity, like over the weekend […]

My First World Problem: This week is too busy, socially speaking

My calendar this week:

Monday: I went to the movies with a colleague. This was planned about a month and a half ago – we went to see The Help.

Tuesday: Christmas party for my department.

Wednesday: Book club meeting (discussing The Help).

Thursday: Christmas party for the group where I am physically located, but […]

One year, 5 days ago…

Was my first meeting with my personal trainer at the gym.

Tonight I tried on a pair of blue jeans I haven’t been able to wear in years.

The jeans fit.

Having a guest is keeping me busy…

For the last two weeks (well, since returning from #WEBMU), I’ve been thrilled to host my friend Koko.

Unfortunately she’s returning to the States Sunday morning (departing on an ungodly early flight from Berlin), and I’ve been trying to make the most of my time with her, while keeping up with work and going to […]

On the gym life and doing more cardio.

Last Friday I met my personal trainer who decided that she wanted to change my routine by having me alternate between weights-and-cardio days with pure cardio days.

To make it interesting, my cardio only days feature 35 minutes of stationary bicycling (something new for me) and 35 minutes of the Vario machine that’s like an […]