July 2024


News Flash: Germany won the World Cup! And I don’t care.

So… I might be the last to inform you, but Germany won the World Cup just over a week ago.

To nobody’s surprise, I was part of distinct minority in Germany: the 14% that did not watch the final match. But hey: the game started at 9pm and I wanted to go to work at […]

If I cared about football, then I’d be upset… #beceltic

If I cared about football, then I’d be upset…

In the last eight years, since I last attended a professional football match here in Germany, my love for the beautiful game has not really increased.

I’ve come to dread the World Cup and the Euro football tournament. It’s the only time that the large masses […]

Going to Vienna to see nackte Männer (nude men!)

Leopold Museum with a man out front.

A month and a half ago, I thought my travel plans for 2012 were complete: All my trips were taken, save for the one at the end of the year, when I will escape the war zone that is Germany on New Year’s Eve.

Then I heard […]

Munich Cowboys: Playing with the what again?!

This advertising campaign wouldn’t fly in the United States, but this advertisement is for the Munich Cowboys, an American Football team, and it’s made me want to go to an American football game.

Munich Cowboys / via Cowboy Altitude


Then (2006) and Now (2011)

From my perspective, the lowest moment in my time here in Germany was the summer of 2006 when Germany hosted the World Cup.

From my perspective it was horrid because the entire country became freaked out on football – and they were everywhere.

Even Weimar.

I even remember taking a regional train between Jena and […]

Commentary on the Women’s World Cup, Part 1 of

At the office Friday afternoon, as I was leaving, I stuck my head in to say good-bye for the weekend to one of my football (as in soccer) loving colleagues. I know he’s a football fan because last summer he watched all of the football matches, live from South Africa.

This year the Women’s World […]

Since I last blogged…

I’m sad to report that MT has left the house, country, and continent.

Her visit was busy—for both of us. I’ve managed to get a lot of work done, yet have time to hang with her. Last time I had nine items in my work queue. I now have eight items in the queue, with […]

My Laughable World Cup Ignorance

Thursday: In the evening Anke invited me to join her in watching a football game Friday – I assumed that some kind of local Weimar team was playing and that it would be a great opportunity to take photographs of people doing athletic things.

It wasn’t until around noon on Friday that it occurred to […]

This Past Saturday.

Honestly, Michele and I tried for three weeks to take a bike ride—but we were bedeviled by a series of challenges: the first weekend I got a cold and decided that despite the fantastic perfect biking weather, I would spend the weekend, at home, cooped up in bed.

Which I did reasonably well, until my […]

From +1 (212)… to +90 (212)…

It’s hard for me to believe that just a week ago I was in New York City, having meetings, working, and standing in line for pizza. Now I’m in Istanbul, exploring history, eating great food, and seeing beautiful buildings.

I’d rather not start listing everything I’m doing because listing it would be boring, and any […]