May 2024


My 2012 Berlin Fotomarathon – Relived – #12fmb (Part 3)

Ah… where were we?… oh yes, I’d left the second checkpoint behind… but I caught up quickly and was ready to move on and work on the last 8 photos of the day.

The second checkpoint was at the Berlinische Galerie, a short walk away from Checkpoint Charlie, so I headed toward the Checkpoint as […]

My 2012 Berlin Fotomarathon – Relived – #12fmb (Part 2)

Now that I was running a good hour behind, it was time to tackle the second eight themes of the Berlin Fotomarathon – I’d already envisioned photographs 9 and 11, so it was just a matter of figuring out 10.

Photograph 9 was Stadtleben / city life – and in my mind, I remember a […]

My 2012 Berlin Fotomarathon – Relived – Just for you #12fmb (Part 1)

Despite being behind at both Berlin Fotomarathon checkpoints, I had a burst of creativity last night that allowed me to finish up my shooting at something like 9:45.

The theme for the day was Den Augenblick genießen – which translates as “Enjoy the moment” (or, as it was at checkpoints 1 and 2, “seize the […]

Stylin’ – getting a new groove on…

For those of you who haven’t looked at my blog since, uh, this evening, welcome to the newly restyled TQE site.

I actually downloaded the new theme about a month ago – because while I liked the old theme, the original author hadn’t actually updated it for… uh… years. I think the most recent updates […]

Getting Ready for the Weeks Ahead

Looking at my calendar, I can only say that the rest of this month is going to be exhausting and that maybe I should start taking naps now, in preparation for the rest of the month.

For example, this Saturday I am going to be participating in the Berlin Fotomarathon, and while Snooker in Berlin […]

#11FMB – The exhibition

Last night I headed over to see the Berlin Fotomarathon’s exhibition.

Although I could have cheated and looked at the chart indicating where the my photos were displayed, I opted to just wander and be surprised.

It was really excellent seeing all of the creative genius on display. Clearly I am not […]

Things I can say, Six Days after #11FMB

Upon further reflection, I have to confess, I really enjoyed the Fotomarathon – far more than I expected, and unless the Fotomarathon coincides with CSD 2012 (Berlin’s Gay Pride parade and celebration), I will definitely do it again next year.

I say that, even as I remember that it took far more out of me […]

My #11FMB (2011 Fotomarathon Berlin) Day

My muscles are surprisingly sore today. I hadn’t expected this after taking 24 photographs around Berlin yesterday for the Berlin Fotomarathon.

For a quick recap: the Fotomarathon is an event where you take 24 photos, in sequence, that illustrate specific themes or ideas, that all some how fit into one larger, overall motto. At the […]