May 2024


If it hadn’t been so gosh darned cold!

Last week I invited a number of my colleagues to join me in a beer garden tonight in order to celebrate the Fourth of July.

I decided to cancel the gathering because it was just plain cold and wet out. This morning there was a point when I looked out my office window and couldn’t […]

Happy Fourth

It is a happy accident that I landed in Bloomington, Indiana, the day before the Fourth of July.

I woke early this morning—5am—made some phone calls, ate breakfast at the Bloomington Waffle House (They have had the same morning wait staff for at least the last 10 years), and then wandered around downtown.

Downtown was […]

Happy… Fourth

I’ve seen this mentioned on quite a few expatriate blogs and on non-expatriate blogs, so the fact that I am adding to the choir probably doesn’t add much, but regardless, Happy Fourth of July.

American Independence Day.

I’ve spent my day in Evansville, Indiana, a quaint city on the Ohio River.

This morning I took […]

Desecrate This!

Corporate America

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I find it incredibly odd that so many Americans seem to be incredibly concerned with an issue that is incredibly unimportant, namely preventing desecration of the flag.

Between “protecting” the flag and attacking gays, the Republicans have made it pretty clear that it intends to retain control […]

It’s the Fourth!

Independence Day Parade!

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Happy Fourth of July to all of my readers, regardless of where you are on the planet, although as I write this, it’s past midnight in Germany.

Today has been a quiet day, I started out by sleeping in, but only because I was up half […]

Out of Touch

Yesterday, at 10:30 I looked out my parent’s front window and asked the question, “Why are all those people at church today?”

In my mind I was trying to figure out the religious significance of the Fourth of July.

Suddenly it occurred to me that it was Sunday.