May 2024


I went to Frankfurt today!

Look! I'm in Frankfurt!

The Lichtspieltheater der Jugend looks abandoned.

Is it real or is it Memorex?

Graffiti: Art is Crime

I think she needs a new gown.


Sorry! Yesterday either my blog was hacked or I was delusional.

My apologies to everybody for my post yesterday—I saw it upon my arrival to the States and I honestly do not remember writing it. II would never say “I love Frankfurt”—such a statement is outlandish.

Clearly I was either delusional when I wrote that tripe or my blog was hacked.


Happy April Fool’s Day!


I Love Frankfurt!

It's the Times Square of Frankfurt!

I can’t believe I just typed that headline, but seriously I am in Frankfurt this morning, boarding a jet plane to the States.

Yesterday I made a point of arriving early in the day in order to explore the city and I had the most fantastic time! Clearly […]

4,450 Miles From Your Door: Expect a Break-In…

I’m happy to report that I had a great day yesterday, save for two points, having traveled from Germany’s worst city to, uh…, Indiana’s largest formation that closest resembles a city, known as Indianapolis.

Actually let me back up one half step – really my whole trip has been great, except for two points, which […]


Barely back from my trip, I’m already packing for my next trip.

Tomorrow night I’ll be in Frankfurt spending time in the only two decent places in town: my hotel room and a restaurant where I haven’t ever gotten food poisoning.

Thursday morning I fly.

Home Heute

Today, In a nutshell:

07:59: Arrive FRA; Train to Hbf, Train to Weimar, Arrive Weimar 11:50

Noon: Arrive Home, Nap, 160 Alarm

17:00: Dinner, wandering

19:15: Meet friends at Warm Up.

23:00: Bedtime.

Efficient Weekend

Despite the fact that I am not going to be physically leaving town for something like 48 hours, I am ready.

Twenty-four hours ago, I was still in a state of panic.

Since returning from Rotterdam, it’s been a busy week. Wednesday afternoon I discovered somebody I needed to talk to was in town—thus saving […]

Bad Week Ahead

I can already tell that this is going to be a rough week in America: I woke at 1:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 3:30.


The first part of my trip to America was not that great. I got up a bit earlier than planned in Frankfurt, got cleaned up and […]

Frankfurt CSD & More

Whilst my dinner plans fell through (my colleague never showed and I did not have a handy with me), it turns out that this weekend is Christopher Street Days in Frankfurt—and my hotel, which I inaccurately called a “seedy hotel” was actually quite nice and just a block from the main stage for Friday’s beer […]


Even though my flight does not leave until, essentially, early evening, I am already in Indianapolis.

My objective in Indy was to stop by Out Word Bound Books to pick up the latest mystery by Anthony Bidulka, Stain of the Berry. Bilduka, the gay Canadian author I discovered last summer, is not readily available at […]