May 2024


Meeting Bloomington’s Celebrity Chef: Jen

My first day in Bloomington I took a trip to see one of Bloomington’s Celebrity Chefs: Jen.

I’m lucky enough to call Jen a friend and I’ve known her a long time – and I am a regular reader of her blog, That Pain in the Ass Vegan.

Jen is, in a word, amazing, […]

Out of 2000: Cathy’s favorite posts

The first person to offer a medley of favorites out of my blog’s history is Cathy of the Big Wide World. I first met her on the train from Jena where we learned, in short order that we both loved The Amazing Race and David Sedaris. It was the foundation of a great friendship.

Adam’s […]

On the way to Two-Thousand…

I’ve had my domain, elmada.com, since early August 2000.

Originally coding pages by hand, then using Microsoft FrontPage to streamline the process, I finally switched to the blogging format in May 2004.

I love blogging and along the way I’ve explored and written about things that I never imagined.

Almost 2,000 times.

That’s right, I’ve […]

This is the story so far…

such cute dogs!

I’ve had a really great trip to Rotterdam, so far.

Thursday was a productive, albeit lonely, day at the Rotterdam Office; dinner was with some really great people and lasted late into the evening.

Friday was a bit less productive—I was sluggish getting out of bed and to the office—and at […]

Cleaning, Preparing…

The Living Room. Click through to see notes…

Yeah… so… I’m having a party tonight.

Starting at 5.

I know that’s early, but most of the guests are coming from Jena, and since they will eventually want to return to Jena, most by train, I need to have an early party.

This morning I […]

I am alive!

Some how it is Thursday afternoon—and to be honest, I’m not quite sure how it happened. Last I checked, it was Monday, I was in Hannover, and I was getting on a train to Rotterdam.

Overall I’ve had a productive week here in Rotterdam—I haven’t made enough progress on some concrete projects that need to […]

Economic Distress

It’s great to be in Bloomington.

I had lunch today with a couple friends at Wee Willies (as good as I remember), and then I struck out alone for dinner at Greek’s Pizza (I think its fall from grace is complete—the pizza is not as good as it used to be).

I also picked up […]

In just one week…

Next Monday I’ll be in Indiana.

Although I have a ton of things to do in Indiana, all of them are less hectic and stressful than moving.

Fortunately for me, I can stop worrying about the moving much sooner: The truck shows up Wednesday morning at 8am.

TV, Couches, Chairs, Dining Room Table, rug, bookcase, […]

More Chipper

I think the people I work with must be relieved that I found an apartment.

My emotions ran a bit wild the last couple weeks—centering on two key emotions: Stressed and Freaked Out versus Depressed and Despondent.

Today I have finally turned some kind of corner: the bureaucratic headaches associated with my making the apartment […]

Social M/Tedia

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone all meta on you, so I hope you’ll excuse me when I start talking about social media and “friends”.

First off, I’m in the process of updating my iPhone to the newest Firmware that appears to have been released last night. It’s 246.4 MB of software goodness which will […]