May 2024


Holzconnection: Where the 200×140 bed is delivered as 207×140.

It’s been awhile since I blogged.


But moving takes effort – and I have had both awesome experiences (KaminPalast, Dielerei), ones where things have taken longer than expected but turned out awesome (KD Küchenstudio), and one utter disaster.

Holzconnection, a purveyor of custom made furniture has failed me ever since I signed the contract.


Whatchamacallit 59: My Coffee Table.

Back in 2012 I bought a new couch – getting rid of the two couches that had come to dominate my living room while being simultaneously ugly and decrepit.

With a new couch came the need for a coffee table – and I can tell you that I spent a great deal of time […]

I have a new coffee table!

The Couchtisch, delivered.

After ordering my new couch, it suddenly dawned on me that I would finally have enough space in my apartment to have a coffee table – and so I started the quest to find the perfect coffee table.

I discounted Ikea almost immediately – I have enough Ikea furniture in my […]

The Germans managed to spoil a good rant – but why? (Alternative Title: My Sofa Was Delivered a Day Early)


I’m annoyed.

You see, I already had a blog entry mentally composed for tomorrow in which I was going to simultaneously complain about the delivery of my new sofa while, at the same time, praising its good looks and tell you how much I love it.

Unfortunately, the fine folks at the Mulipolster […]

Coming soon(-ish) to my apartment

My version of this sofa will come in a slightly lighter grey fabric and with burgundy red pillows. It is a sofa bed, where the front slides forward a bit and the back flips next to it, thus making a fairly large mattress — although clearly the front part, where the arms […]

I am not nuts.

So after getting 75% of the way through assembling my new Ikea bed last night, I realized that I misplaced the metal piece that goes from the headboard to the foot.

It’s right there in step 9: Take the metal bar, pull on it to extend it to the proper length, then put it in […]


Despite the fact that I thought I was being careful and methodical, I have misplaced the piece of metal that goes from the headboard to the foot of the Ikea bed.

Don’t Believe

It’s a good thing that I opted against getting my Ikea bed delivered Thursday.

I had two specific activities to accomplish Thursday—one was somewhat important, legally speaking, and I got chastised, in German, because I should have done it two months ago (one must follow the rules in Germany), and the other was a hair […]

Latten… whaaa?

Yesterday I made my second trip to Ikea, and just like the first, I lost track of time.

I headed there with a colleague who walked me through the process of buying a bed in Germany, something which is surprisingly different from America.

The last time I bought a bed in America, I went to […]