April 2024


Matthew Wayne Shepard, † October 12, 1998

Wow, another year has rolled around.

This doesn’t feel as raw as it did the first time, but I still go back through the memories of everything I felt that week, when I was in Bloomington, Indiana, and all the attention was on Laramie, Wyoming.

With distance – both in terms of time (16 years […]

What a sense of relief that Obama was reelected…

Thanks to a vacation policy that I don’t quite understand, back at the end of September I was granted an extra day off this year, which I immediately applied toward taking today off.

As the election progressed, I came to realize that I would either be very happy or very depressed today, and in either […]

Focusing Focus on the Family (Action)

One of the more important, if not crazy nuts, organizations in the United States is Focus on the Family.

Focus on the Family’s goal is to help family thrive, and claims as its mission:

Focus on the Family is a global non-profit Christian organization with a vision for healing brokenness in families, communities and societies […]

Immigration Sob Story

Love is in the hay!

These are, by any account, extraordinary times to be an American.

After 8 awful years, we have a president open to progress with respect to individual human rights, gay, straight, or transgendered. The GLBT community should be, by any reckoning, celebrating with wild abandon.

The most recent victory: The […]

Gay For Obama

Ok, I buried it in the previous post, but I’m reading a variety of blogs and legitimate news sources that keep telling me that Obama is a bad president—with some going so far as to say,

I decided today that I’m officially anti-Obama. (Ragan Fox, Poet)

I’m tired of this anti-Obama rhetoric based solely on […]

Postcard From Abroad

Sent as a part of the Join The Impact Project Postcard. Airmail postcards from Germany to the US cost 1€.

My postcard to Obama

President-elect Barack Obama Presidential Transition Office Kluczynski Federal Building 230 S. Dearborn St., 38th Floor Chicago, IL 60604 United States of America

Dear President-Elect Obama

Please repeal D.O.M.A.! All Americans […]

All Against H8

The Washington Monument and Pride

For the past week, save one incident, I have had the most incredible luck imaginable.

Last Saturday I lucked into Berlin’s mp3 Experiment, Pittsburgh was a far more interesting city than I could have anticipated, and I was in Washington DC for today’s march against California proposition 8, coordinated […]

Join the Impact

Saturday, November 15, at 1:30p EST / 12:30p CST / 11:30a MST / 10:30a PST, you can Join The Impact, a national protest against California Prop 8 and other anti-gay marriage initiatives.

I’ll be joining the one in DC—but there are protests all across America. You can find a local protest by checking out the […]

Go McCain (and Mike)

Things are not looking pretty on the Democratic side of the presidential election.

Two decent candidates are amassing enough votes to guarantee a quagmire come convention time in August. I hope that things clear up soon and that the Democrats can unify behind one good candidate. I suspect that they are unifying behind the one […]


Since returning to the States, I’ve kind of been on a movie kick—some mediocre (Knocked Up), and some bad (Nancy Drew). There have been some really good ones—say, for instance, “Simon.”

Simon was on show at the IU Campus last night—it’s a Dutch film focusing on two things that are “matter-of-fact” to the Dutch, yet […]