May 2024



Wow… it’s 9pm, Sunday night, and I am tuckered out.

It’s been one heck of a fantastic weekend–Friday’s work concluded with dinner at a fantastic restaurant on the edge of Rotterdam. That evening, after I got home, I went to bed–and I must have crashed hard, because I did not hear the SMS that I […]

Individually OK, Collectively…

I had what I can only describe as a really great Saturday.

Individually all three components of my Saturday were great and fun, but collectively, I’m going to bed a lot earlier than I expected (3 am). Oddly though, my early (relatively speaking) bedtime can only help me on Sunday.

This morning I caught the […]


Saturday night’s plans for Rotterdam were busted—and not by me, but by the authorities.

It seems that the owner of the Gay Palace has been accused of selling drugs and otherwise using the facility for nefarious business dealings. Therefore I was left three minutes from the now closed Palace with no evening plans.

I hopped […]

Rotterdam Roundup

My weekend in Rotterdam was full of fun and games.

Saturday I slept in fairly late—until something like 9:30, which left me less than 30 minutes to eat breakfast at the hotel—so I dashed downstairs and ate breakfast before taking a shower and getting set-up for the day.

My day was filled with three fantastic […]

Phone, Men, Hot Men, More

I just realized that I made a bigger boo-boo than I thought in The Netherlands.

I had put my mobile phone in my pocket and forgotten to lock it. When I do so, it manages to send the last SMS (text message) to a non-mobile phone—fortunately it sends it to my home phone number in […]

I’m hot… again!

Today was a relatively dull day, but tonight, I went out. First I headed back to dè Kameleon, where Patrick gave me the traditional Dutch 3 kisses, and I had four beers. Just before midnight I headed down to the Gay Palace—a wise decision, because had I arrived just 5 minutes later, entry would have […]

Gay Palace

Gay Palace – – Originally uploaded by elmada.

Quick notes before I head to bed.

I went out to Rotterdam’s Gay Palace tonight, which was hosting the 2G4YOU’s “Boyband Edition.”

Featured live musical acts included the female group, Party’s Cool and the boy group, D-ground. Party’s cool was handing out free signed singles—I […]

Last Night, This Morning, And a Rant

I had a late night last night.

First off, Sideways was a fantastic movie, and I laughed most of the way through it, even when there was a scene reminiscent of my Thursday Evening Experience.

I timed it well, the movie finished at 11:45 and I headed over to the Gay Palace-which was two blocks […]

Today, so far.

Den Haag: American Book Center, wandering lots of stores, eat in a cafe, and a long walk. Encountered a half marathon on my way out of town.

Rotterdam: Bought groceries for dinner, bought ticket to see Sideways at 21:30. Later, the Gay Palace. Now, resting before heading out.