June 2024


Whatchamacallit 21: Grindr

This piece of art could sit in two places – my bedroom or my kitchen.

I chose my kitchen.

This was a wonderful present from a dear friend, an amazing piece of fabric art capturing both my love of coffee (well in the past; I quit drinking coffee in November 2018 – save for […]


My flight from Berlin to New York/JFK was not without its amusing points.

This past weekend Berlin hosted Berlinale, an international film festival and by my casual observation, I would estimate that approximately two-thirds of the plane were people returning to the States having attended the Berlinale.

Not to be too quick to judge on […]

Good Night & Good Luck

Cathy, as promised, popped over tonight—it was absolutely fantastic seeing her—a much needed break from the constant stress of moving.

I’d spent the morning working at the Weimar Office—I had an unexpected project dropped in my lap yesterday and I was told it would be easy. Much to my surprise it took me over three […]

Gay… Romeo

Since moving from Bloomington, I’ve sort of missed chatting on gay.com. I could still chat on gay.com, but the opportunities for meeting people within a reasonable distance of me are non-existent on gay.com—it’s just not popular in Germany.

It took me awhile, but eventually I found a site called GayRomeo.com, which basically serves as a […]

Schwules Weimar!

Today I was excited when I went shopping at Müller in downtown Weimar. Müller is a store that’s something like Target, but without the extensive clothing, hardware and housewares line–and it is a whole lot smaller. Maybe it’s more like Walgreens, but upscale. It’s hard to tell. (The website proclaims drug store, but it is […]

Gay or ….

For two days in a row I have wished I have spoken German-enough, as Mateo would say, to flirt.

Today sitting opposite me on the train, I had a nice, tall, cute guy with spiky black hair and brown eyes. Rather attractive over all, although, I realized a bit later that he was probably still […]

Denver, Colorado

A funny thing occurred to me on my way to the very gay Diedrichs at the corner of 9th and Downing in the gay Denver neighborhood. Somewhere between 1992 and today, either I’ve become cooler or Denver’s become cooler.

No longer does Denver seem to suck so badly. I think I can actually understand why […]