July 2024


Bauhaus Goethe und Schiller

New Goethe & Schiller Cookie Cutters!

Today I broke my pattern and instead of going directly to and from the Weimar Office, I wandered through town after Coffee and Cake.

It was no surprise to me when I found the most recent permutation of Weimar’s never ending Goethe and Schiller worship: The Cookie Cutters.


Lyin’ Lonely Planet

Sometimes living in Weimar gets a bit too Goethe.

There’s the Goethe Haus, the Goethe Garden Haus, the statue of Goethe, the library with Goethe’s manuscripts, the cemetery housing Goethe, Goetheplatz, the Goethe Café, and, for the inner-wanderer, the Goethewanderweg. It’s probably a lot like Stratford-upon-Avon, except that I’ve never actually read Goethe and I […]

Zwiebel Season

It’s that time of year, here in Weimar—you can smell it coming.

Zwiebelmarkt is this weekend, and I can already taste the Zwiebelkuchen.

This weekend is about the only time of year that Weimar seems to forget its Goethe and Schiller heritage and moves full force onto something else: Onions.

As I passed through the […]

Weimar in August

Weimar hasn’t really changed in my absence—really the only news of note, that I’ve identified, is that the city’s number one photographed monument in Theaterplatz, the statues of Goethe and Schiller, are being renovated and are under wraps.

It seems odd to me that the powers would chose to renovate the statues at the height […]

Photo Friday: Bright

Two bright men, Goethe and Schiller, on a bright day in Weimar, Germany.

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Historic Weimar

During my recent stay in the States, I chanced upon a book written in 1929 by one E. M. Newman entitled “Seeing Germany.” The book was one in a series of books by the same author, including “Seeing Italy,” “Seeing Russia,” and “Seeing Egypt and the Holy Land.” (Implicitly there are other books as well.)


60 Minutes… And More

Residenz Cafe

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I made a small pledge to myself today and now I must try and fulfill it.

I’ve gained weight of late and I’ve decided, starting today, that I will spend at least 60 minutes taking a walk every day—beyond my current walks to and from nearby train […]

Fire Follow-Up

For more on the fire, this time in native English, see Saturday’s New York Times article, “Literary Treasures Lost in Fire at German Library.”

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Fist (Faust) Collection

I must apologize for having neglected my blog for the past few days-After getting back from Stuttgart I have been, well.. tired. I’ve gone home from work and either taken a nap (and ignored the doorbell), or in the case of yesterday, went to the Rez and hung out reading for a couple hours.

I’ve […]