May 2024


On Googling the Past

Every so often I wonder what happened to various people from my past.

Thanks to Google, I can give it a go.

Earlier this year I googled one of my contemporaries from the University of Wyoming – his name had popped into my head randomly and I wondered what had become of him. Google, of […]

Google Translate Fail

I found the following sentence on Amazon.de:

Auf Lager. Zustellung kann bis zu 2 zusätzliche Tage in Anspruch nehmen.

Instead of taking the 5 seconds necessary to fully digest and understand it, I popped it into Google Translate:

In stock. Delivery may take up to 2 weeks.

After re-reading the German sentence I knew immediately […]

I have no events scheduled today.

My Google Calendar sends me this every morning.

All too often it reminds me how little I have on my calendar.

Makes me feel sad.

Losing Control

Seriously, I like the idea of collaborative writing, but this goes a few steps too far for me.

Meanwhile I’m on a jet plane. See you on the other side of the pond.

“Like” Issue in Google Reader

A month or two ago Google Reader introduced the “like” feature, which lets you identify news stories and blog posts that you find interesting and to share that information with the world.

Unfortunately it leads to moments like this which are, I think, a bit inappropriate. I hope that nobody “likes” the fact that […]


Like everybody else, every once in awhile I search myself—there’s actually a technical term for doing this: Egosurfing.

Now, at least on US Google, I am happy to say that I come up immediately—however, I am not the only me out there. There are other parents who have named their kids Adam Lederer. If I […]

Random Factoid 345

When you Google “Jena expat” I am the third item on the list; and the first real expatriate in the results

I learned that today from a couple Americans that I met at a BBQ tonight.

A quick check of “Weimar expat” shows that I am first on that list!