June 2024


For lazy bloggers—but not me!

I realize that I have been posting somewhat irregularly and infrequently the last couple of months – life’s been busy. Sorry.

However I just got an offer through email that could solve all my problems:

Dear Adam,

My name is Sarah from Article Writing Services. We have a client who would like to pay you […]

Out of 2000: Koko Speaks!

Here is the last of the “Out of 2000” blog series for the actual 2,000th post will arrive, barring unplanned days off, on Monday.

Today’s entry comes from Koko who I first met in January 2004 when she was a student in a class that I was teaching. She made quite the impression on me […]

Out of 2000: Disenchanted Speaks

Here are the favorites of Disenchanted:

I guess I’m TQE’s rule breaking friend. I looked through his blog and I can’t pick just one favorite entry. I have to admit that there are two different themes that really got to me – one because it was so incredibly amusing. You see, I would never, ever […]

Out of 2000: Zurika

Next up in my blogging memories are the memories of Zurika!

My answers have already been taken, by Ian and others who were more diligent than I in getting their replies together. Off the top of my head I was going to say the buttplug Santa post and the crazy teabagger lady, er, girl flying […]

Out of 2000: Mateo’s thoughts.

One of the first friends I met after moving to Bloomington was Mateo. I met him while chatting on gay.com. What made him stand out was his profile in which he admitted to being a male Daria. Daria, for those of you’ve forgotten, was an animated series on MTV featuring a “smart, acerbic, and somewhat […]

Out of 2000: Snooker in Berlin

Sometimes I feel like I’m far away from 2,000 and then there are times I suddenly realize that I should be there by the end of this month, depending upon the rate at which I keep posting.

Today, offering her thoughts, is Snooker in Berlin.

When Adam asked me to comment on one of my […]

Out of 2000: Pseudo Wife Speaks

My Pseudo Wife is a regular reader (but sadly leaves no comments) and I asked her to pick out those posts that stick out most in her mind as I approach my 2,000th blog entry.

I know my first entry must your post from May 17, 2009, Eurovision Surprise:

Eurovision 2009 was extremely memorable. This […]

Out of 2000: the Cynical Queer Speaks…

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these, but here comes the thoughts of the Cynical Queer on his favorite posts from my blog.

He's on the right!

For me, the travels you and I took together seem to be memorable. You always have a great way of detailing things in […]

Out of 2000: The Regensbloggers

Next up in my celebration of 2,000 posts, come the favorites of Sarah and Cliff, the authors of the Regensblog. They’re great people and its been great meeting them in Bremen, Berlin, Munich, Weimar, and Regensburg.

We’re from not very exciting places in the U.S. (at least, not exciting to us). Since moving to Europe […]

Out of 2000: Ian in Hamburg’s Favorites

Next to offer thoughts about my 2,000 posts is Ian in Hamburg:

Humble Canadian blogger Ian in Hamburg’s favourite posts are Butt Plug Santa and Jessica Dubroff, the former for permanently searing into my brain a piece of public artwork depicting what in real life remains completely hidden from view, the latter for its thought-provoking […]