December 2023


Currently, I am the polar opposite of Peter Gibbons.

It happens to me quite often, of late: I am somewhere. Let’s say the Turkish Supermarket, Monday evening at 7:30, and I suddenly realize that I have never before been happier in my life.

And in truth this spontaneous joy is happening to me surprisingly often of late.

This stands in stark contrast to Peter […]

I’m beat… make your own Emo!

Things are looking ok for the apartment I want. I think I can swing it.

It’s slightly more expensive than I want, but I’ve been thinking about it: I can eat at home more and do less personal travel. The extra cost is basically one major vacation a year—so I would be saying good-bye to […]

Flip Posting

I have a flip post about Weimar being written – however, it’s far from mentally ready, never mind textually ready.

Instead I will just say that today was, again, one of the nicest days ever in Weimar. The weather could not have been more perfect had it tried.

Fantastic Day

I have to say, without a single reservation, that today is the very best day I have ever seen in Germany.

The weather is perfect—warm, sunny, blue skies, no humidity. The parks were stuffed to the gills with people enjoying the weather: impromptu soccer games, sunbathers, and naked children playing in the water.

Yeah, you […]

Happy Thoughts

Before reading the somewhat bitchy entry below, I want you to know that the weather today is absolutely, positively fantastic.

A nicer day could not be had.

Now you can read about my Friday afternoon.