April 2024


Exhausted in Edinburgh

Our last day in Edinburgh and we revisited an old friend (the castle), had tea at the Elephant House, and do some wandering in new parts of town. It was great seeing the 1:00 cannon, visiting the Honours of Scotland, and drinking tea where JK Rowling worked.

Everyday day (except Sunday), the 1:00 cannon […]

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

You’ll have to excuse me, but I picked up a copy of The Tales of Beedle The Bard today.

The English/UK version costs 9,50€ at my local Thalia. The German/DE version is 12,90€!


I’ve always known that there are differences between US and British English—quaint differences that make the English’s English sound funny to the American Ear, and I’m not just talking about the accent—the accent only serves to make me drool.

Take for example the fact that British people put their groceries in a boot—I don’t know […]

Frankfurt CSD & More

Whilst my dinner plans fell through (my colleague never showed and I did not have a handy with me), it turns out that this weekend is Christopher Street Days in Frankfurt—and my hotel, which I inaccurately called a “seedy hotel” was actually quite nice and just a block from the main stage for Friday’s beer […]

Frankfurt & Hoosier Bound

In an hour or so I will be on a train to Frankfurt—off to spend the night at a seedy hotel before catching my flights to the States on Saturday morning.

The trip to Indiana is not working out quite the way I planned—I’d originally planned to take the late afternoon flight from Frankfurt to […]

Umbridge in Life

I would like it to be forever known that unlike some, I was able to restrain my excitement at the release of Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix. I waited a stately ten hours and twenty minutes before heading to the local cinema to watch the 11:20 showing of the film. I was there […]

Adam & …

I’d realized from the time I first thought about my trip to Cincinnati that it was going to be a surreal experience. Other than the airport (yea Delta!), I’ve never given much thought to the city—and why would I? Larry Flint, of Hustler fame, had trouble selling his magazine there; Roger Mapplethorpe’s photos were banned; […]

To Swaziland… or not?

Travel planning with the Cynical Queer is underway, and I’m pleased to say that several years of diligent clicking through emails has led to a US$230 hotel room coming to me for free whilst in the Johannesburg area.


We’re still deciding whether or not we’re going to visit Swaziland, that tiny African nation sandwiched […]

Rick Mercer

So as you know, over Easter Weekend I was really sick. I had that long series of Harry Potter dreams where everybody was reading Harry Potter II in Britain and they were giving out free copies everywhere-I talked about it.

Funny enough, I was actually reading Harry Potter II – which no doubt fueled this […]

Compatible with Wood.

With Which Harry Potter Male Are You Most Sexually Compatible? brought to you by Quizilla

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