June 2024


The Moment My Stomach Drops…


It was déjà vu: For a second time in my life, I heard the edge of a breaking news story and I instantly knew that the rest of the story was going to be painful.

This time it was that there had been another mass shooting, this time at a nightclub in Orlando. That […]

Focusing Focus on the Family (Action)

One of the more important, if not crazy nuts, organizations in the United States is Focus on the Family.

Focus on the Family’s goal is to help family thrive, and claims as its mission:

Focus on the Family is a global non-profit Christian organization with a vision for healing brokenness in families, communities and societies […]

Out of 2000: Snooker in Berlin

Sometimes I feel like I’m far away from 2,000 and then there are times I suddenly realize that I should be there by the end of this month, depending upon the rate at which I keep posting.

Today, offering her thoughts, is Snooker in Berlin.

When Adam asked me to comment on one of my […]

Parents Television Council

“Last night’s ‘American Music Awards’ broadcast was nothing short of tasteless and vulgar. Adam Lambert, the second-place finisher in last season’s ‘American Idol’ competition, chose to treat American families to simulated oral sex and other demeaning behavior.”

-Parents Television Council 23 November 2009

I dunno about you, but I don’t think that oral […]

Matthew Shepard matters.

Yesterday marked 11 years since the untimely death of Matthew Shepard.

I hope you’ll indulge me as I tackle Matthew Shepard more deeply today as I try to explore more about what he, his life, and his death meant and continues to mean to me.

As I noted yesterday, I would have more to say […]

Today’s Forecast: Cold with Snow plus Homosexuality in Laramie

After spending two nights in Pinedale, I woke up this morning to a weather forecast that was anxiety raising: Cooler with the potential for snow over parts of the state.

I ended up doing the morning ablutions rapidly, before heading out on the road. I stopped in Boulder (Wyoming) to eat breakfast before continuing my […]

Actual eMail

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Monz,

I just read about your unenlightened policies regarding Jews staying at your hotel.

I’m gay, can I stay?

Adam Lederer

— Hotel Website: Haus Sonnenhof

Thankful for Milk

Now Showing!

One thing I am especially thankful for this year is the fact that I was in the States on the opening day for Gus van Sant’s newest film, Milk. Seeing the film reminded me of the many thanks I owe my gay forbearers.

Yesterday I found myself outside the Mayan box-office window […]

Destination Unknown

Throughout the last several years, conservatives tired of listening to liberals suggest that perhaps America needs some adjustments and new leadership have uttered that wonderful challenge, “If you don’t love America, why don’t you get out?”

It’s implied that the destination can be Canada with its high taxes and horrid universal healthcare, Sweden with its […]

Matthew Shepard, Ten Years Later

Society and people are transformed by major events.

I identify transformational events by the stories people tell. People tell me when, where, and how they heard the news that something transformational happened and what was different afterwards, even if the changes seem trivial now. These shared experiences help define generations and unite otherwise diverse people.