June 2024


On politeness… and shifting linguistics.

Back in September while visiting my Mom, there was a brief conversation about how times have changed – with respect to women.

She observed that when she got married to my Dad that she adopted his name – and I do not just mean his surname, but his full name. When she filled out mail […]

I missed my 20th high school reunion.

I was vaguely aware that 20 years ago I graduated from high school – and that there would be a reunion of some kind.

There was: it was this past Saturday, and I missed it.

Even had I been within reasonable range (5,000 miles is not, 50 is), I wouldn’t have gone because I detest […]

always hard 2 red

I must come out of the closet: I am a spelling and grammar Taliban.

Maybe that’s a bit too dramatic. I’m not perfect and I do take shortcuts along the way.

Ultimately my goal is to communicate ideas—and each as clear as possible.

I’ve ceded some strict middle- and high-school rules. I’m not as insistent […]

Silly German Politics

I’m in Regensburg for the Regensbloggers‘ Apartment Warming Party.

While my hosts are busy setting up, I am exploring Regensburg—I’ve never been here before and I have to confess, it’s a charming city. I can immediately see why its popular with tourists from both abroad and Germany.

The Regensburg Dom is a beautiful structure that […]

Only if…

I wish my high school was really like the high school below–it would have been a whole lot more fun!

And no, I am not familiar with either TruTV or The Principal’s Office.


Ghosts In My Head

Whilst wandering the streets of Paris I was haunted by my high school French teacher.

Yes, a woman who I haven’t seen nor heard from since my last day of French class is still walking around in my head and although I suspect she has since retired, as I walked around every corner, I fully […]

Innocence Shattered

There comes a point in everyone’s upbringing when they realize some truths about the world around them—and that often these truths are rather unpleasant.

The first time I can remember this happening to me was back at Park Hill Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. As is with traditional with American elementary education, it was a […]


I’m at the airport, heading back to the Old World via Atlanta. It’s going to be a long day.

Meanwhile, last Friday night I participated in the typical traditional fall activity. I went to a high school football game.

The evening was cool and crisp and after borrowing a sweatshirt, I felt like a local […]

Respect and Honor

On the other side of the Potomac River from The Mall is Arlington National Cemetery, and it was my destination for the day. And now I don’t know where to begin because Arlington National Cemetery single handedly brings up a myriad of topics to consider, both personal and political.

I guess I’ll start with the […]

Last Sibling

One of the bad things about being the fourth child in a family with four children (or for that matter, any child but the first child), is the fact that the path you walk is not a new path.

In elementary school, I had the same kindergarten teacher and third grade teacher as at least […]