June 2024


AIDS/HIV Candlelight Memorial – Missed

When I first heard about Wednesday evening’s candlelight memorial to help remember World AIDS Day (USA), I thought I couldn’t make it. And then I thought I could. And then, yesterday, I thought, oh dear – I probably cannot make it.

And, ultimately, thanks to two meetings at work today, I didn’t get home from […]

French Safe Sex Video

Not Safe For Work.


World AIDS Day

HIV is a global problem.

Be safe, 100% of the time.

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day, a day for remembering the unfortunate spread of this horrific disease.

Around Weimar there are utility boxes which local artists decorate—sometimes with simple art, sometimes with messages. About a month or so ago, the utility box located at the Weimar Bus Station was repainted with an HIV/AIDS message—something for people […]

HIV Testing

Friday was National HIV Testing Day. I got a jump start on the occasion actually…I took the test the week before last and got the results back on Wednesday.

The testing process is unpleasant enough that I can understand why many people don’t take it. I don’t mean that the process is physically unpleasant…the test […]

Random Tidbits

1) I need to thank Sebastian profusely for his comment on T-Com. Telling me how to switch Voicemail into English, as well as the helpful “36” command that will immediately stop 75% of the calls—voicemail calls that told me somebody called but did not leave a message.

2) I have a sleek new fridge—it was […]

To Swaziland… or not?

Travel planning with the Cynical Queer is underway, and I’m pleased to say that several years of diligent clicking through emails has led to a US$230 hotel room coming to me for free whilst in the Johannesburg area.


We’re still deciding whether or not we’re going to visit Swaziland, that tiny African nation sandwiched […]

My Living History

Today, December 1st, is World AIDS Day. Thankfully AIDS/HIV has not been a personal problem—but it has affected two of my relatives. One of whom died from HIV related illnesses in 1997, the other is alive, living with HIV.

In a strange twist, a few days ago, I decided to engage in one of my […]

mach’s mit

Auch für junges Gemüse

Young Veggies take note! You too should wear condoms…

So the German Anti-AIDS campaign is in full swing–and veggies are wearing condoms all over Germany as a part of the “Mach’s Mit” campaign. According to my sources, “Mach’s Mit” roughly translates as “join” or “take part.” Careful search of […]

Be Safe