May 2024


What a Labor Day!

This week is great: It started, of course, Monday – I was one of but a few people at the office – and public transport was, essentially, empty. I couldn’t have imagined a better day of work – I actually got work done and had an enjoyable lunch with one of my colleagues.

Since Tuesday […]

Easter Weekend, so far.

Lots of languages. No English.


The Eisbären won the German ice hockey championship! Sweet!


The Lives of the Others


Haupstrassefest in Schöneberg.



Glasgow’s Galloping Gallantry: What Amazing Help!

Maybe it says something about how much I’ve become accustomed to German-style service, but I’ve been blown away by the gallantry of Glasgowians.

From the moment I arrived, Thursday at lunchtime, everyone and everything has been great, with the exception of the Glasgow Flyer bus driver who pulled away from the airport when I was […]

The greatest invention ever: Prosecco 2Go

Today’s been, for me, a really good day.

For the most part – the only problem was when a train wagon I boarded had eight guys dressed with the same t-shirt, each with a 6-pack of beer. This was my cue to move to a different wagon where life would be more civilized.

Although I’m […]

Saturday: Space Kid Head Cup in Weimar

Instead of rioting and going on destructive terrors, I’ll be spending May 1st at the Space Kid Head Cup, the annual soap box derby in Weimar.

Here are some pictures from last year:


President’s Day Weekend

A few photos from both sides of the Atlantic.

Weimar pays tribute

Washington DC pays tribute.

Weimar pays tribute.

Washington's Washington Monument


Holiday Season!

It’s that time of year.

Ascension, Whit Monday, and Corpus Christi fall in rapid fire over the next few weeks.

Three days that in my American-Life weren’t even on my calendar are days off in Germany.


Tomorrow is Ascension, a day that in Thüringen, and probably other parts of Germany, turns into Men’s […]

2009 Space Kid Head Cup

Trying to stop in time!

See the complete set.

Awesome Weekend

Honestly, if I woke up tomorrow and there was a half-meter of snow on the ground, I would be sad, but I would have no cause for complaint because this weekend was wonderful.

The weather could not have been better and everything I did went swimmingly well and was excessively enjoyable.

Quite frankly, it was […]

Candle Burning

Honestly, I’m somebody who needs eight hours of sleep—a full eight hours every night, or I slowly start being less functional. One night with 6 hours and I’m ok; two nights and I can’t focus the third afternoon; three nights and I start showing signs of insanity.

It’s been the kind of week where my […]