February 2024


Bogotá for the holidays…

Earlier this year it dawned on me that the configuration of Christmas and New Year’s landing on Tuesdays meant that I could take from December 22nd through January 1st off – 11 days – using exactly two vacation days.

Surely anybody who knows me, knows that I look at this as an opportunity […]

My best seasonally appropriate greetings to you…

Today is the second of five days off – Berlin, Germany, and the “Christian” world are celebrating the birth of their savior.

And I get time off.

So… what have I been doing with this time off?

Wednesday I sped-listened to five podcasts, read two magazines, read a graphic novel, read part of a […]

Adam – allein zu Haus, part Wednesday

I’m happy to report that I’ve survived Christmas, at home, alone.

Since Friday evening, I’ve watched a lot of Breaking Bad, read books, went to the gym, and took a lot of naps.

I actually never left the house Saturday – temperatures in Berlin dropped below freezing and I decided that I’d rather be warm […]

Things I do not want to do in the next week, in Germany: Shop.

This year is an “Adam—allein zu Haus” kind of Christmas.

Translated in to English, that’s “Adam, alone at home”, a variation on the “Kevin—allein zu Haus” them that Americans know as “Home Alone”.

My plan is to avoid shopping after Saturday until after the Christmas holidays. If I could actually swing it, I would avoid […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few years ago in Denver.

My family's turkey, ready for eating (a few years ago).

This is not a picture of turkey, but it is a meal I ate in Turkey.


Mothers and Mobility

This past weekend was shockingly lazy: apparently I had a sleep deficit and I made up for it with a vengeance. Other than reading and taking four long naps, I did two significant things: I went to a park (where I read Straight Man, a delightful book), and I went to the gym.

It was […]

Pfaueninsel Adventure

Schloss auf der Pfaueninsel

So my guest, who returns to America Wednesday morning, wanted to visit a Biergarten – and since I have no idea where the good ones are, I called my friend, Snooker in Berlin for an idea.

She had two answers, but the best answer was to go to Loretta out […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kurbis (Pumpkin) Festival in Berlin!

As it happens I am in the middle of a large and time sensitive project so I find myself working this weekend—and I decided to check out one of the nearby cafes, Café Bilderbuch, to see if it was a good working environment.

The short answer is no, not on the weekends.

The long answer […]

Dinner for One

Guten Rutsch!