July 2024


Tiergartenstrasse 4: A New Memorial in Berlin

If there’s one thing Berlin has in spades, it’s history. Lots and lots and lots of history. Much of it is depressing – the kind of history you want to forget but don’t because it should never be forgotten.

Like the Nazi’s Aktion T4 program that killed people who were judged to be insane […]

Echoes across space and time – Wyoming from Germany: My Wyoming Monologue

Below is my piece for the Wyoming Monologues, a performance put on at the University of Wyoming last night, March 8, 2013, following a performance of the Vagina Monologues. I owe a debt of gratitude to Ian, Stephan, Jay, Alexander, and Bonnie for their helpful comments during the writing process. Further, it would […]

Visiting Gleis 17 / Platform 17 / at Bahnhof Berlin-Grunewald

Yesterday I engaged in a bit of random Berlin exploration – it started innocently enough with coffee from *$ — after my coffee, I popped outside and got on the first bus I saw, Bus 186. I recognized the last stop listed (S-Grunewald), but I had no idea how I would get […]

This Love-Hate Relationship with Germany: A Tour de Misery

While Koko was visiting, I took a couple days off of work to join her in visiting Berlin tourist sites and was quickly reminded of how Germany is the perfect place to live if you love to hate where you are, and at the same time love to love where you are.

It’s rather simple, […]

Have you noticed? Lots of photos…

Recently I got a present – an expensive present – and I was able to do most of the choosing of the bits.

Since the information is out there, it’s a Canon 60D.

What I’ve come to discover, which I had suspected, is that I really didn’t know a lot about photography and that I […]

Since I last blogged…

I’m sad to report that MT has left the house, country, and continent.

Her visit was busy—for both of us. I’ve managed to get a lot of work done, yet have time to hang with her. Last time I had nine items in my work queue. I now have eight items in the queue, with […]

New Stolpersteine in the Neighborhood

Learn More: Stolpersteine.


Work and guest visitation are keeping me busy this week. Yesterday I played Tourist in Berlin for the first time in a long time, seeing lots of sites in one afternoon and doing a lot of walking.

It is always sobering to walk through the site below; fortunately it was one of the last things […]

Obama visiting Buchenwald

USA's 747-200

Unfortunately the earlier hopes that Obama would visit Weimar after honoring the victims of Buchenwald were dashed. This means that I didn’t get to meet or see the president, although I did get to see the president’s 747 out my bedroom window.

(Boy am I being myopic!)

Anyhow, after the president toured […]

Interview with Obama’s Uncle

Charles T. Payne, US Soldier during WWII in Thüringen

Yesterday Obama was on the front page of the Thüringer Allgemeine, today it’s his great uncle, Charles T. Payne–and there’s an interview with his uncle in the paper (Read Here, but only today, the website doesn’t seem to have permalinks) talking about his time here […]