March 2023


Obama in Weimar

News from Germany today: Apparently President Obama is planning to visit Weimar June 5th, specifically Buchenwald, which his uncle, Charles T. Payne, helped liberate at the end of World War II.

See more below, in German:

Obama will Kanzleramt-Visite bei Merkel vermeiden (Spiegel Online) Obama in Weimar (Thüringer Allgemeine) US-Präsident Obama besucht Thüringen (Südthüringer Zeitung) […]

Expect Deep Thoughts

Life is, right now, quite hectic.

The whirlwind of activity surrounding CQ’s visit to Weimar ends tomorrow morning when he boards a train for the airport and his trip back across the pond home.

It will be a sad moment—having guests is a catalyst for doing things in your hometown that you might otherwise have […]

Which is Worse?

I don’t know which of these two videos is worse, both make feel feel a bit like puking…

“Arbeit macht frei” is a Nazi slogan that was on the gates of Auschwitz; losely translated it means “Work makes (one) free.”

This one speaks for itself, via By the Bayou


Photo Friday: Insignificant

Seemily Insignificant, yet a major memorial. Learn more: Stolpersteine (English)

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What a great day!


Originally uploaded by elmada.

I got up this morning at 8:30, and got back in the mode of uploading pictures to Flickr. Yes, I’ve uploaded a ton of pictures to my Flickr account, some from Weimar, some from the States, uploaded in no particular order. You can see examples of recent Dipol […]

Chornobyl and Great Patriotic War Museums

My time in Kyiv was severely impacted by the New Year’s Eve holiday, which extended into New Year’s Day. I spent much of New Year’s Day sleeping off the effects of vodka and staying up until 4am.

Accordingly, my visits to Kyiv’s museums were limited to only the ones that I was most interested in […]


Friday I headed down to Nuremberg with Rui.

Nuremberg is one of those cities I’ve always associated with the end of World War II because of the trials held in the city.

Never having studies the rise of the Nazis that closely, I had not realized that Nuremberg had been especially selected for the trials […]

Cheney Fucked Up

He cannot dress appropriately.

Although I’m guessing Bush would have messed up some how too!

Where’s Bush?

Not here.

I’m ashamed of the president.

Press Conferences in DC are nice, but sending Dick Cheney to Auschwitz is a weak substitute for your personal appearance.

Berlin Emotions

So Wednesday evening I wrote very briefly about my trip to Berlin, and I closed by saying I was on my way to bed.

I lied.

I really wanted to write this in peace and quiet– or rather in peace and Kai Tracid’s CD, “Contemplate the Reason You Exist.” Its ended up taking me a […]