May 2024


Where I’m not staying because they cancelled my reservation: Radisson Hotel Cheyenne

The Radisson Hotel Cheyenne: Cancels Reservations Because they can.

Normally I would not choose to visit the US during August, but this year, I am. Like thousands of others, I want to see the eclipse on Monday, August 21st.

But a wrench was thrown into my plans by the Radisson Hotel Cheyenne after they […]

Guess Where… This one is easy!

These two pictures should give away where I am in all of… oh… a minute.

Done guessing? I’m in Hong Kong.

This is the start of my Asian Adventure – it’s a mild, easy, start: I took the long way here, flying via Tokyo on ANA. I had no […]

The Swine Hotel at Dismal World!

This helps you find your hotel.

Ooops, I did it again. I misspoke the name of this “resort” – it’s actually the Swan at Disney World.

I’ll readily admit that I am not a Disney kind of guy – the idea of such a place gives me the creeps and I have no desire […]

Planning the Journey: Things About Japan that Already Surprise Me.

At some point in the future I’m going to pop over to Japan for a few days vacation.

This will be the furthest east I have travelled (or west, but I haven’t ever crossed the Pacific, and Japan is certainly east of Germany) and there are a large number of things about the trip that […]

Getting Settled Back In

Today was the walk through of my new apartment—I now have the keys and am ready to move-in. The moving truck will appear Monday around noon with all my shit, so whilst I am not technically homeless, I am still practically homeless.

I spent last night in Berlin—after landing in Berlin early, I headed to […]


As a part of work, I do my best to maintain relationships with people and organizations relevant to what I do, which brought me to Cheltenham, UK.

By happy coincidence, this trip to Cheltenham has coincided with the 2008 The Times Literature festival—something I was unaware of as I started my search for a hotel. […]

Feeling Slightly Demented

Whenever I’m in Britain, I always feel like something slightly off.

I spent last night at the Holiday Inn Bristol Filton, a hotel located somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the vicinity of Bristol.

It’s the kind of hotel with a “pillow menu”.

That didn’t stop them from being British, […]

Incident and Response

Incident Outline

Event: A previous guest or hotel employee set up the television in my guest room, room 107, to automatically turn on at 05:00.

Discovery: 05:00, when TV turns on while I was sleeping.

Desired/Expected Response From Hotel Clerk:

Me: The television in my room turned on at 5 this morning while I was […]

2x Pissed

I’m pissed tonight—in both the British and American senses of the word.

First the British sense: I had a beer in the hotel lobby whilst checking my email. And then I had a beer at the bar. This is enough to make me pretty tipsy.

Secondly: The bar I went to had FIVE people, counting […]

French, Kissing.

I’m now in Paris for a few days—the first time I have ever spent more than 22 hours in the city.

I took the RER down from CDG to Paris; after exiting the train and going up the stairs I passed a young couple snogging in the station. A closer couple with clothing you could […]