March 2023


Los Tres Gringos Gays

So, I am back from my trip to México, and since I did not explicitly state where I went before (México is a big country), it is time to reveal actual destination.


I went with my two amigos, Jay and Murph—arriving separately in México’s second largest city last Saturday. I was supposed to arrive […]


I just got back to my hotel (a good one) from my afternoon and evening of fun.

The afternoon was a presentation about a book that I was involved with from beginning to end—and by involved with, I can assure you that I was the only person to have read this book from start to […]

Paranoid Park

Let’s just say, my trip from Portland to Brussels was great, until I got to Brussels, and then things went downhill rapidly—from the instant the plane parked.

After having put a temporary fix on the problem, I took a nap and woke up feeling somewhat refreshed and in need of entertainment. I grabbed Brussels’ tri-lingual […]

Hipster Hip

This isn’t my first visit to Portland, but it’s the first time I’ve been here and been in the right part of town.

As you may (or may not) recall, I’m staying at the Ace Hotel in Portland, which, in addition to having “European Style” rooms, is exactly one block south of the world famous […]


I think I made reservations for a hotel in Mexico for New Year’s Eve, but I’m not certain.

I called, gave my name, and that was it. There was no credit card requested, no mentioning of the rate, no nothing.

It’s even more loose than Armenia—and now that I’ve drunk two glasses of wine, I […]

Respect and Honor

On the other side of the Potomac River from The Mall is Arlington National Cemetery, and it was my destination for the day. And now I don’t know where to begin because Arlington National Cemetery single handedly brings up a myriad of topics to consider, both personal and political.

I guess I’ll start with the […]

Adjusting Sleep

My body is a remarkable thing—I’ve trained it to get up at 6:30, and by god, it gets up at 6:30. Even in Portugal, when 6:30 is locally 5:30 and its obscenely too early.

Today it let me sleep in an extra hour, which is still early for a weekend, but gives me time to […]

In Lisbon

My flight on Thursday arrived on time and, thanks to not checking luggage, I was on the streets of Lisbon less than ten minutes after the door opened at 17:35. Navigating the Lisbon Airport is a lot like navigating Ikea: it’s a maze that forces you to see everything the airport has to offer.

By […]

Country 26.

Swaziland was quite the adventure for CQ and me. After landing on time at the Jo’burg airport, we got our rental car and started heading away from Swaziland—so we lost about 20 minutes there; once oriented we headed the correct direction, stopping in Witbank at a brand spanking new mall where we parked by the […]

One Time

On of the best streets in Rotterdam is Witte de Witt Straat—a vibrant street filled with bustling restaurants, cute shops, and activity. A short two blocks off of the street lies the Gay Palace, the four storey mega-gay-dance club for Rotterdam.

As I’ve learned my way around Rotterdam I’ve tried to stay as close to […]