June 2024


Whatchamacallit 58: A Perfect Pair

This is one of my prized pornographic novels – “A Perfect Pair” by Sebastian Lamb.

I bought it in Portland, Oregon, at Counter Media, which, sadly, no longer exists. Counter Media was located quite close to Powell’s (still exists) and carried a wonderful variety of progress/queer/strange/new/used books.

The story in this novel is about […]

Flying Pam Ann

my ticket!

Wednesday night I finally saw a comedian that I’ve wanted to see for years: Pam Ann.

Given how much I love travel, in particular, flying, let me just say that Pam Ann is a comedian right up my alley. She does comedy that is based on the airline industry, poking fun […]

All about the little differences*

I knew long in advance that the first quarter of 2011 was going to be a busy one for me – and it was. I started to surface at the end of March, and now, now that May is beginning, I am starting to take a long view of things.

For the moment, my time […]

Getting back into the swing of things…

Right after I got better, I sort of got slammed with work and I spent the weekend working on a very interesting project, which is prompting a field trip this upcoming weekend to yet another Berlin historic site.

The work has kept me busy—while working over the weekend I took a little bit of time […]

There are three ways, dammit!

Yesterday I had a meeting with somebody and I brought with me a bar of chocolate for him.

He didn’t want it, explaining that he didn’t want to gain weight, then reluctantly accepted it, and then demanded I share it.

I didn’t want to share because after the meeting I was going to the gym, […]

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A Message From Transport Canada

Consistent with Zurika, the terrorists have already won.

So I am 15…

Really, I should be embarrassed beyond words, but I have a juvenile sense of humor at times.

Yesterday I was on my way from downtown to the grocery store near my house, minding my own sweet business—when I saw the license plate of a car I was passing. It immediately gave me the giggles and […]

Dinner for One

This is a traditional German favorite over the next week. I happened to see a German remake of it tonight…


Like everybody else, every once in awhile I search myself—there’s actually a technical term for doing this: Egosurfing.

Now, at least on US Google, I am happy to say that I come up immediately—however, I am not the only me out there. There are other parents who have named their kids Adam Lederer. If I […]