May 2024


Only if…

I wish my high school was really like the high school below–it would have been a whole lot more fun!

And no, I am not familiar with either TruTV or The Principal’s Office.


Which is Worse?

I don’t know which of these two videos is worse, both make feel feel a bit like puking…

“Arbeit macht frei” is a Nazi slogan that was on the gates of Auschwitz; losely translated it means “Work makes (one) free.”

This one speaks for itself, via By the Bayou


Surprising Ignorance

My last day in America, I slept in—and it felt good. After breakfast at a nearby restaurant I headed to MOMA’s P.S.1., a contemporary art museum located in Queens, quite close to where I was staying.

The museum is located inside an old public school—from a generation where boy and girls had separate entrances and […]


Generally speaking I think the best response to a KKK rally is to ignore it. It’s the same thing I do to Fred Phelps—of the infamous “God Hates Fags” website.

I point this out today, because over in Jena there is a Neo-Nazi rally.

My initial gut reaction to hearing that there was a Neo-Nazi […]

Acoustically Exhausting

I headed to College Mall today in order to buy some clothing that I wouldn’t be willing to buy used—the types of things I was buying were things I would have picked up at Macy’s, but due to Macy’s abysmal performance in New York City, my lifelong boycott of the chain prevented me from buying […]

Thick And Thin

Hopefully I will not regret this post.

In case you haven’t noticed, and there really isn’t a reason for most of you to have noticed, I was attacked this past weekend in response to some criticism I posted about the Gay Men Rule blog.

It’s kind of odd to me: As far as I can […]

Republican Values

Real campaign commericals for a Republican Congressional Candidate.

Avoid Ft. Myers

School officials in Ft. Myers, Florida, USA, have decided to keep their kids safe by not allowing them to travel to London to participate in the 2007 New Year’s Day Parade.

It seems that the local school officials are a bit worried about Terrorism, not remembering that their own city isn’t that safe.

More: CNN […]

Martin Luther …

Over the weekend I met a guy who informed me that as far as his family could tell, they were blood-related to Martin Luther, which I thought was pretty cool, all things considered.

So yesterday afternoon I was chatting with somebody back in the States and I mentioned this cool thing.

The response from the […]

Senator Santorum

Dan Savage has finally posted the Senator’s video. He’s offensive, as expected… and you may need to fix the URL in order to get the video to work. (Direct Video Link and Direct Letter Link)