April 2024


Whatchamacallit 179: IKEA Postcard/Thing Holder

I bought this thing in 2010, shortly after moving into my apartment in Schöneberg.

Throughout the year, as postcards and greeting cards arrive, I fill it up – then in late November, I take everything down and start the process anew.

For reasons that will become apparent, I’ve had to undertake this process a […]

Random Musings for the week…

Stuff that’s been in my head, and I want to get it off my chest.

Recently I’ve been remembering a conversation that I had back when I lived in Bloomington between grad students – we were talking about money and debt. As I recall there was one spouse there, and the spouse said something like, […]

18:00 CET: Waking from a nap.

Thanks to the aforementioned late arrival of my flight from Newark to Berlin, I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday during the day, so despite sleeping a solid 8 hours last night, this afternoon I realized I was fading.

So I took a nap.

I actually set my alarm for just before 6 so that I […]

18:00 CET: Where I wasn’t & Where I went…

I knew far in advance that Thursday at 18:00 CET that I would be in route to the States.

The scene itself? Not so exciting

This is what it looks like from seat 7C on a Continental 757-200. Immediately ahead of me: infinite leg-room, as row 7 is an exit row and, […]

Random Things: I promise not to do this too often.

I have a zillion things running through my mind and I need to get them off my chest, so here goes nothing:

Penny Markt, home of Happy End toilet paper, is selling a Coca-Cola duvet and pillow cover set for 20€ this week. I want a set and I made a plan to go buy […]

Holy Crap! Guests are coming! I need to clean!

Other than the movers, the handyman, and the (unnecessary) plumber, the only person to have set foot in my apartment since my move-in day is… me.

In part it is because of my kitchen: I like to cook for my guests and until my kitchen cabinets are properly attached to the wall, I’m not really […]

Sorry about turning into a blog about moving…

Really, I hope to return to blogging about more interesting things than moving in the near future. However, for the moment, it’s kind of what I’m stuck on.

I wasn’t being productive enough at the office today so I decided to strike out a bit early and head home to take care of some chores, […]

I’m less stressed now.

Some how I am going to survive August – and thanks to a bit of random luck, I’m even going to get bookcases this month!

Over lunch today I sat down with my Ikea shopping list and priced out the items from my “need” list—the light for my dining table and bedside lamp, along with […]

I Key Uh

Tonight I popped over to Ikea in order to buy window shades (fail) and a lamp for my reading nook (success).

This being a trip to Ikea, I ended up buying candles (I begged my friend to get me out of the candle department), a present for a colleague, ice cube trays, and, in a […]

I am not nuts.

So after getting 75% of the way through assembling my new Ikea bed last night, I realized that I misplaced the metal piece that goes from the headboard to the foot.

It’s right there in step 9: Take the metal bar, pull on it to extend it to the proper length, then put it in […]