May 2024


American Seen

Today I finally downloaded all the pictures off of my camera and uploaded many of them to Flickr–mostly from my recent trip to America. The American Scene is varied and fun, and I thought I would present you some highlights.


Bloomington has a Liberal Green Ethic running through it that […]

Moving Day

Ah, as I write this I am sitting in the BordRestaurant waiting for the train to leave the station. Once the train gets going, I will be starting the last leg of my journey from Bloomington to Weimar.

The trip has not been without its hitches. Several hitches actually, but thanks to a wonderful United […]

Travel Notes

I will be adding JFK to my list of airports.

In terms of airlines I will be adding United Airlines partners Chautauqua, Atlantic Coast, and SQ — The world famous Singapore Airlines (USA)! Total Miles to be earned should be 4,847–assuming 500 each, IND-IAD and IAD-JFK.

Of course these are Star Alliance Miles… and I […]


The flights for this trip were relatively normal, no complaints, and actually I have compliments for the professionalism and good service I received onboard my flight from MSP to DEN.

I left Bloomington over the lunch hour and went to The Abbey up in Indy, where I had some kind of chicken quesadilla and a […]


So I am writing this portion of the blog whilst I am sitting onboard Delta Flight 15, with service from Frankfurt to Atlanta, Georgia. Last night, when we checked in at the hotel, I asked for the 9:00 shuttle, but since it was full, I had to opt for the 9:30 shuttle, which, as it […]

IND-CVG-FRA, part 2

I would have had patience with the delay, if it weren’t for the fact that Delta‘s employees weren’t so clueless and outright lied to me. The sole point of comfort was that their lying was not due to maliciousness, it was due to stupidity.

The flight from Indianapolis (IND) to Cincinnati (CVG, actually Covington, Kentucky) […]

IND-CVG-FRA, part 1

So the past day and a half have pretty much been a travel festival?starting from 4am (Eastern Standard Time/Central Daylight) until 14:15 German time, I?ve been on the road.

The first bit of road was I-69 from Fort Wayne, Indiana, down to Anderson where I grabbed breakfast and drank about a gallon of coffee. I […]