January 2023


It’s a Culture Kind of Month.

After finishing work in Bloomington I headed north to Indianapolis—not that I like Indianapolis at all, but I needed am “Adam-Time” away from it all. I ended up spending my Friday afternoon looking for something in Indy, and not finding it – the biggest problem with Indianapolis is that there is no there there, and […]

Viel Schnee.

das Original

Am ende von meine Reise habe ich „Adam-Zeit“.

Diese mal bin ich in Indianapolis und Indianapolis ist der „Frankfurt“ von den USA: ein Stadt ohne Seele und ohne Vorsatz. Es ist geisttötend.

Samstag morgen Indianapolis habe mehr Schnee—aber diese Schnee ist über ein dick Inlandeis. Freitag Abend […]

The 2011 Pride Film Festival, in Review

Unlike last year where I had the oomph and time to write individual reviews for each film, this year, I do not.

Instead I’ll tell you about the highlights and a few of the lowlights.

Over all I’m under the general impression that there were fewer gay films this year, about the same number of […]

The Batshit-Crazy Home State Politician Contest!

A few weeks ago there was an accidental contest on Twitter in which various American expats living in Germany were trying to outdo each other in what could only be describe as a contest one doesn’t actually want to win:

The Batshit-Crazy Home State Politician Contest.

I thought, at the time, that I […]

Product Localization A Step Too Far

The last couple of times that I’ve passed through the new Indianapolis International Airport terminal, I’ve noticed a cute “Cow-Tipping” t-shirt that plays on the notion that the only thing for bored teens on Friday nights in Indiana is to go out and tip nearby cows. I’ve actually thought about buying the t-shirt although […]

Cake and Wine for Koko the Birthday Girl

I spent my final weekend away on this trip visiting Koko and Boy, my two friends who have changed Indiana-no-place into Indianapolis with a nice home overlooking a small lake, a beautiful kitchen, and excellent conversation.

Although her birthday was Thursday, he big celebration was held Friday evening, when I showed up. I brought with […]

My Week in Indiana, in Short

I haven’t really said much about what I’ve been doing in Indiana—because most of it is boring—like the fact that I visited three different branches of my Indiana-based credit union in less than 24 hours.

Beyond that I kept pretty busy with a myriad of activities including spending time in the Indiana University libraries and […]

Celebrating being a Square: Last Friday in Evansville

So last Friday I was in Evansville, Indiana, visiting my friend, Disenchanted, while celebrating being a square—something I will be for a year before a 13-year pause before my next square experience.

This was also the day that I gave a guest lecture in her class over one of my favorite topics, Project Wagon Wheel […]

Christian Litters on US 41 in Evansville, Indiana!

The state of Indiana has special license plates that serve identify the select special few, the Christian-Patriotic-Flag wavers who are otherwise under-represented in the state.

The plate, free to those who profess belief, are easily recognizable because they have a stars and stripes motif with large text proclaiming, “In God We Trust.”

Now I’m not […]

On Local “Real Food”: Farm Bloomington is overrated.

Last night, my last night in Bloomington, I wasn’t really interested in venturing too far from my hotel: although it wasn’t really cold there was a definite nip to the air and the idea of going outside for a long walk was unpleasant.

Mentally I’d settled on going to the Irish Lion—until I popped into […]