May 2024


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I’ve been meaning to do this for a few years – but have been too lazy to actually do it. However, some external events have prompted me to lay out a few things so that in the event anybody has any questions, I can point them to this blog post.

First, should I ever blog […]

Happy to report that I survived!

Some how I survived the week that was – albeit, barely.

And, I must confess, that I missed the birthday party.

By Friday afternoon, I was plum exhausted and made my way to find the birthday colleague, to whom I simultaneously congratulated and gave my regrets.

Since Friday was a gym day, I force myself […]

Somehow I’m still not jaded…

A few years ago I was in Washington DC, walking down the street, playing the part of tourist, when I came upon some locals – people playing football in the park, jogging down the streets, carrying groceries home.

I was envious – these were people who get to live every day in a fabulous city […]

Feeling Fragile

It’s hard to explain but I am really feeling fragile right now.

I think that I’m back to square one on my apartment search, plus I need to acquire a ton of paperwork, including my Schufa—the German equivalent of a credit report. To get that I need to get my Meldebescheinigung from some office somewhere […]

bitch, bitch, bitch

I’ve spent more time than usual the last couple of months reading feminist literature trying to understand it and the good news is that, in general, I do get it.

Maybe not completely, but here’s the deal: I accept and acknowledge the fact that women have not always been given a full voice in history […]

My Apologies for Silence

Sorry about the silence on my blog this week – I’ve been going through a lot of stress in my life and when this kind of stress happens I usually clam up and become uncommunicative to all but one or two people.

Right now I’m only really talking to one person who’s been burdened to […]

Misogyny Gone Wild, Part One of ???

Because of a recent discussion on Heather in Europe, I’ve suddenly started thinking about misogyny.

Until the debate appeared I never really thought about the word before, and so I found myself consulting the dictionary to find the exact definition of misogynist – which, as an adjective, means “reflecting or inspired by hatred of women”.


Wünderbar Brüno

First things first: I haven’t read any reviews of Brüno, the film. I have, awhile back, read criticism of Brüno, in general. This means that the specülative things I am aboüt to püt forth are exactly that: specülation.

Second things second: The film is absolütely positively hilarioüs to the point where ones sides coüld start […]

Things I’m Bad At: Flirting

My ability to flirt has not improved since this photo was taken.

It comes as a constant surprise to people who know me well that when push comes to shove, I’m actually a huge introvert.

Unless I have some plausible reason to talk to a stranger, I don’t.

Even when I do have a […]

Forgetting how odd I am…

Sometimes it is brought home to me exactly how different my view of the world is compared to most other people.

Where's the Crisco?

And because I like to talk about it, my latest obsession, I’m going to start off with “Santa with a Butt Plug”.

I live in some kind of world where […]