May 2024


Whatchamacallit 49: P30-Pro

There was roughly a period of time that I was an Apple person.

It started with an iPod in the mid 2000s, followed by an iPhone – I remember PapaScott showing off his iPhone at a WEBMU event and I had to have one. So I eventually got one. Then I bought a MacBook, […]

Dear Apple,

By the time you read this, it will be too late: I’ve made the decision to shift my custom away from Apple environment.

My gateway drug, the Apple iPhone, is not for me. I still remember when it was for me: It was at the WEBMU in Bremen (I think) where PapaScott showed me his […]

I had to have my hole cleaned :(

The first time I saw an iPhone in person, I fell in love. It was PapaScott’s iPhone 3, it was a meet-up, and I… well, I ended up getting the iPhone 3G. Eventually it was replaced with an iPhone 4, and now an iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 actually rocks – and I have no […]

Two Consumer Questions: Crock Pots and Headphones

I have two questions about things I want to, or need to, buy in the next week or two.

First, my brother has asked if I have a Crock Pot. I don’t. However I’m willing to invest in one provided it’s not too expensive and it comes with recommendations. Do any of my German/European readers […]

Customer Service Woes resolved with Twitter. Part 1: T-Mobile, Germany

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed in customer service, on both sides of the Atlantic. Although I’m not sure I can call the North American issue, “customer service”—but more on that in a day or two.

Meanwhile I have happy news to report: my iPhone 3G is, finally, unlocked.

Unfortunately it […]

It’s been a great 24 hours for my communication!

Monday evening, when I was at home, I got a call from my friendly T-Punkt store (T-Punkt sells stuff for T-Com (the telephone company, and now known as, I believe, T-Home) and what used to be (at least in Germany) T-Mobile (the mobile phone company, now happily known as “Telekom”).

The wonderful lady had happy […]

Bock auf n callboy?

iPhone, I MacBook, but I don’t iPad

Becoming an Apple addict has not been a direct and easy path for me.

My history with Apple products is rough—after Middle School and its Apple computer lab, I didn’t voluntarily touch an Apple product until 2005 or 2006—when I bought myself an iPod.

I really liked my iPod—and the iTunes interface for my music […]

He laid the turd!

I had a Penis to put in front of that (s)quid!

Avoiding Clichés

It’s all too easy, when visiting Bloomington, to resort to that old Indiana chestnut, “Back Home Again.”

It’s not that I’m back home, but I am some place comfortable – I have a hotel from where I can walk pretty much everywhere worth going. I can walk to restaurants, campus, meetings, the library, and to, […]