May 2024


Irish Poetry and an Appreciative Clapping Audience

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of joining the Irish Berliner and Snooker in Berlin for a poetry reading at the Irish Embassy.

Admittedly I am not a huge poetry reader. I find poetry difficult to navigate and comprehend on the first try—and I suspect that I process poetry differently from the way I process […]

Photo Friday: Accidental

Accidental shock source.

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Photo Friday: Thin

A thin break in the wall lets you kiss the Blarney Stone.

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Dublin Rant .Expanded

Some of you might have noticed in my last substantive blog entry that I was a bit upset. This was to be expected after my series of misfortunes in Dublin-the only bad thing that happened that didn’t directly happen to me was the dog getting hit.

Anyhow, after my glasses got scratched, I basically stopped […]

Dublin Airport

In case any of you care, I’m sitting at the Dublin Airport right now, about to board my flight to The Netherlands.

I haven’t had time to check all your lovely emails and reply, so I must apologize if you feel jilted.

I’m not sure when I’ll be on next.

05.09.05: Stone Smooched!

So Monday was an odd day. (Even odder because I’m writing this in past-tense, even though it’s Monday because I have no idea when I will be posting it.)

I got to my B&B at 8:15 after catching the bus from the ferry, and I thought I rang the bell, but later I realized it […]

05.09.2005: Superferry!

I took my first overnight ferry (the MV Superferry) last night (Sunday night) from Swansea, Wales, to Cork, Ireland. Let me be the first to announce that the Swansea-Cork Ferry’s terminal in Swansea is horribly located-I had to take a taxi out to the passenger terminal, including tip it ran £7, tip inclusive. At the […]