April 2024


18:00 CET – At the bank in Bloomington, and I almost forgot.

I spent a total of 29 hours in Bloomington – 29 action-packed hours, I might note, that included a lot of stops, including four trips to my principal bank in the United States, the Indiana University Credit Union.

All four of my trips to the bank were necessary – but I won’t […]

First Four: 6401

Dear Ms. Cell Phone Talker

I realize that you were trying to do three things at once in your red car tonight: talk on the cell phone, use the ATM, and try to think.

However because you were foolishly multitasking—and not focusing on any one task—you managed to leave your ATM card in the machine—plus […]

Checking Checks or Cheques

To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed is a check that I mailed to the IU Credit Union to be deposited to my savings account.

Unfortunately, it was rejected by one of your agents as being a “Foreign item valued below the $100 USD minimum amount.”

Apparently your teller looked at the return address at the […]

Bloomington Notes

I just got my most recent bank statement from Bloomington, and as usual the monthly newsletter was included.

Inside the newsletter, the credit union thanked Pizza Queen for catering various credit union events. The newsletter noted that Pizza Queen used to be called Pizza King, and then included a link to the restaurant’s web site: […]

Diebold Response I

Wed 7/14/2004 10:58 PM (CEDT, or 2:58p, Indiana Time)

Good Afternoon Mr. Lederer:

Thank you for your correspondence of 7/13/04.

Mr. Sepanski asked that I let you know we have used Diebold’s services for many dozens of years and have b een pleased with their performance. We are aware of the problems in California, and […]

Diebold Protest

Dear President Sepanski,

I have been a member of the IU Credit Union since 1998, the summer I first moved to Bloomington. In that time I have used the Credit Union for the vast majority of my day-to-day financial services needs.

However, I am concerned because I’ve recently noticed trucks from Diebold outside your east […]