September 2023


No Day Like Today.

Honestly, save for required transportation and meetings, I haven’t been north of 17th Street in New York City in at least a couple years.

Today’s been no different—after checking in , I headed to B-Cup where I worked and looked at cute guys, before going on a shopping expedition, returning to my hotel and deciding […]

3D Pittsburgh

Yesterday I’d agreed to meet somebody on the CMU campus at noon—so I decided that I would walk to campus, explore it, and then find his office.

I had a handy map from my hotel and I followed the streets thinking that I would end up on campus by walking down a street named Boundary, […]

No uprising here

For some reason, Friday night I was reminded of the time I was paid $60 to watch porn for an hour.

And with that warning, I might suggest that the body of this entry is NSFW, so be cautious clicking through.


from the Inbox

This morning I woke up to the following email:

I need to take K 300 next semester and I was talking to a couple of my friends who recommended you highly to me. I was not sure, however, if you were teaching a class in the spring. If so, please let me know, and I […]

Tom Coverdale

I just googled Tom Coverdale, and he’s now “Director of Basketball Operations” at the University of Louisiana Monroe.

I still think he’s cute.

Will you please marry me Tom?

Hoosier Football… You can park!

I picked up one of those (American) football schedules for the Indiana University Hoosier’s upcoming season. As I went down the list I noted that IU would probably lose most of their games.

Right below the schedule it was clear that the designer was desperate for something to fill the space, so s/he listed the […]

Day of Silence

One of my proudest moments in teaching was when one of my more conservative students asked me on the Day of Silence if class was going to be cancelled.

It made me very happy, although I didn’t cancel class and I did talk.

Events I’m Missing

Ok, I wish I could attend this event, even though I’m not quite sure what it is:

Hi! My name is (name deleted), I’m an intern for Planned Parenthood and this spring, in April, we are putting on a Campus Condom Hunt. We would love if you could help us out by volunteering and helping […]

Condom Research


The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction is conducting a study designed to collect information on men’s experiences using condoms. We are looking for men who have used condoms for sexual activity with another man to participate in a small discussion group involving 8-12 male participants […]

Back Home Again…

So I am in Bloomington.

This fact became immediately apparent Saturday morning when I went to Target with a friend, and the friend, an IU fanatic, headed straight to the electronics department in order to listen to the conclusion of the IU-Purdue basketball game. There we joined about 15 other fanatics (customers and employees) listening […]