September 2023


Having a guest is keeping me busy…

For the last two weeks (well, since returning from #WEBMU), I’ve been thrilled to host my friend Koko.

Unfortunately she’s returning to the States Sunday morning (departing on an ungodly early flight from Berlin), and I’ve been trying to make the most of my time with her, while keeping up with work and going to […]


This trip has been one of the worst trips I have ever taken, in terms of clothing.

You see, I messed up. I thought to myself, “Easter, April, Warm.” In reality it’s been cold, rainy, with the potential for snow tomorrow.

As my week in the States starts to wind down, I can safely say […]

Birthday Girl Koko

So last night was Koko’s big birthday party with lots of friends, pizza, a big group game, and a trip to Uncle E’s.

The highlight of the night was during the reading of Bravo—Germany’s teen magazine full of lots of useful information for teens, including pictures of naked boys and girls. One of the guests […]

Need to Empty the Wrappers

I am San Francisco.

Via Koko:

Take the quiz: “Which American City Are You?” San Francisco Liberal and proud, you’ll live your lifestyle however you choose in the face of all that would supress you.

New Amsterdam, Indiana

So yesterday was my big trip to New Amsterdam, Indiana, one of four towns in America with a population of 1 (one), according to the US Census of 2000. Except, it wasn’t.

Koko and I left Bloomington at 1 and made our way south to the Ohio River. For those of you unfamiliar with southern […]