May 2024


Cool Berlin Art

Two weeks ago I went to Preview Berlin, an art fair held during Berlin Art Week.

These were two of my favorite — the top is by Patricia Waller, entitled, “Broken Heroes”. The bottom piece is Benedictions, 2012, by Lutz Wagner.


Random Tuesday Today Thoughts

I know that Snooker in Berlin participates in the weekly Random Tuesday Thoughts—and to be different, I’m doing it on Wednesday—but only because I have a crap load of thoughts to get out. I could try and break down the thoughts into more complete individual blog posts, but none of these thoughts really deserve that […]

Liszt Lebt!

Every year Weimar holds pèlerinages—an annual Kunstfest–that is, arts festival.

The arts festival fits in: Weimar is the European Capital of Culture (1999), and anything that preserves and protects the city’s image as a center of high culture is to be endorsed and adored.

It’s three weeks of music, exhibitions, dance, literature, discussion, and film […]

Unseren Hausheiligen

Thanks to Cathy for noticing the (temporary) addition of a third to the statues in Theaterplatz. For now it’s Goethe, Schiller, und Liszt.


Every year Weimar has a month-longish arts festival.

This year’s “pèlerinages Kunstfest Weimar” started last night with “Brass & Spaß”–a four hour jazz festival held at the Weimarhallenpark, just at the edge of the city center.

I headed there with the bride and groom from my Turkish wedding, despite a somewhat peculiar weather pattern: it […]

Pregnant Hos!

It’s one of those extra special artistic weekends here in Weimar—ranging from a special art installation of fishing rods called “Void and Beyond” around Weimar to pregnant hos.

What you ask?

Pregnant Hos?

Yup! As I was on my way to the Weimar Office, I was crossing the street, waiting along with a few people […]