May 2024


24: Matthew Shepard


Today marks 24 years since Matthew Shepard died.

It remains difficult to write my thoughts about him every year, some of this is because I feel like I am being a bit repetitious, some of it is because I never quite know how to address my feelings about him every year.

It’s not easy […]

23: Matthew Shepard

Matthew Shepard died 23 years ago today.

Another year has ticked by.

Another moment to pause and reflect on Matthew Shepard.

One remarkable thing about Matthew Shepard is that he continues to be present in society – I was scrolling through Facebook last week and I noticed that Indiana University Credit Union (my primary […]

Matthew Wayne Shepard, † October 12, 1998

Wow, another year has rolled around.

This doesn’t feel as raw as it did the first time, but I still go back through the memories of everything I felt that week, when I was in Bloomington, Indiana, and all the attention was on Laramie, Wyoming.

With distance – both in terms of time (16 years […]

Laramie Project, 10 Years Later

Thankfully I didn’t make a decision about my October trip yesterday.

This morning I saw a Tweet by @milkjosh:

Laramie Project: Ten Years Later ~ A film about murdered gay teen Matthew Shepard ~ http://digs.by/A0

After seeing this, I did a bit of research–read an article in The New York Times. The authors of the […]

Matthew Shepard

Today, October 12, 2004, marks the 6th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s murder.

As has become habit with me, I want to take a few minutes to reflect on Matthew Shepard and what he meant to me-somebody who was uncannily like me, and yet so unlike me.

I left Laramie, Wyoming, in May 1998, graduating from […]