March 2023


Bag Check

Monday, when I wing my way back to Leipzig, I will have to check my bag.

I have no option because I spent 9,80€ on the bottle of Disoderme Gel, as seen to the right. It’s 150ml and for me, at least for now, it is essential.

I overexposed myself.

And I mean that in […]

Leipzig and Beyond

Saturday night in Leipzig was both busy and quiet. Busy in that there was a mega-cross-town “event” with a whole lot of music on a whole lot of stages. Quiet in the fact that I decided I really only wanted to hit the G-Garage for dancing and not participate in the larger concert event.

Quiet, […]

Mini Meet-Up

My lunch with Cathy and B. went really well—it was great seeing the two of them in the happy environs of Leipzig.

I did have my gay moment with the two: I made them go to Saturn to purchase the Eurovision 2007 double-CD with me. The music is now on my nano – soon to […]

Spring Cleaning

I didn’t really know what I was doing the past week at home, other than the fact that I was catching up on a lot of chores and annoyances that I should have caught up with before.

And then it dawned on me: Spring Cleaning.

Now some of the laundry I’ve done in the past […]

Viva Traveling!

Right now I ought to be at Paris CDG changing airplanes with a luxurious two and a half hour layover.

Instead I am still at the Leipzig Airport. My first flight had a mechanical problem and I’ve been rescheduled to arrive in New York at some unseemly late hour. About the only plus is that […]

It is official!

Leipzig is officially my favorite German city.

Not only is Leipzig blessed with beautiful buildings, a walkable city center, and friendly people, but the G-Garage was a veritable smorgasbord of hot, cute, sexy men.

Yes, it was far better than La Demence in Brussels. Whilst La Demence had the widest variety of men I’d ever […]


Today I am leaving town—escaping the Internet leash, turning off my mobile, and making for Leipzig.

Yes, it’s a weekend away, a trip to the G-Garage, the Blaue Trude, and other sights that will release stored up energy.

It’s not all fun and games – I am escaping in order to finish putting together all […]

Friday Night in Leipzig

Sorry about the silence today, but I had a long night last night.

The G-Garage in Leipzig was my destination—on the way there I had a cup of coffee from Café Laden, did not get my ticket inspected on the ICE, and then nearly followed a crowd of Goth-types to wherever they were going (it’s […]

Short Takes

It’s time for a series of short-takes on stuff:

Haircut: Remember that haircut where I wanted to take the stylist home? Well, I haven’t followed up on it on the blog, but it was clear that he is an apprentice after only a week. It’s not the worst hair cut I’ve ever had, but it […]

Leipzig by Day


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I’ve now been to beautiful Leipzig three time, and I can honestly say that Leipzig is by far the nicest major city I’ve visited in Germany—unlikely the overly large and spread out Berlin, or the All Business All The Time Frankfurt, Leipzig seems to have a human scale.