July 2024


Not All Liszt

Despite appearances, I did not just take photos of Liszt on my walk through Weimar yesterday. Here are a few of the other highlights.

In front of the Bauhaus University Library

In the Park an der Ilm.

German's favorite food.

Apparently I'm not the only person who thinks this!

Lest […]

Around the ‘hood

So pretty in the winter

Some political signs are still on the lawn in my family's neighborhood.

This is the library I used as a kid!


Weimar News

Considering how little time I’ve lived in Weimar (four years), this city keeps making the pages of The Economist at an unbelievable rate. Take this week: Weimar: Up from the ashes.

My previous homes of Denver, Laramie, and Bloomington, have either not made it in at all, or have appeared a number of times appropriate […]

Anna Amalia Library

The Anna Amalia Library (in English) that burned in Weimar back in 2004 is an incredibly important resource for all things Goethe and Schiller.

There is an article in this week’s Economist (January 20) detailing the current status of it’s reconstruction, “The Duchess Anna Amalia library.” Unfortunately it is a subscription required article.

That said, […]

All Hail UCLA

Dear Police Chief Ross and Acting Chancellor Abrams:

I am disappointed to learn that you have decided to have an independent investigation of the incident in your Powell Library.

Clearly the Police were correct in demanding immediate obedience from the younger more ignorant and disrespectful generation. The fact that Mr. Tabatabainejad did not immediately leave […]


Anna Amalia Library

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Today’s been a long day and I am tired.

My exhaustion has been aided by the half litre of beer that I drank not too long ago, along with a lovely spinach-garlic pizza.

So this is it. No real blog entry, but I have a a […]

Library Porn

I know it happens, but I’d never really experienced it for myself.

What, you ask? Well, I was at the IUPUI library, and once I finished my work, I logged into a computer to take care of my email and see what the recent news was. I also got on gay.com in the hopes of […]


It’s incredibly cold here in Bloomington-and I spent much of the day going from building to building on the IU campus. Unfortunately I’d misplaced my hat and was too lazy to see if I’d left it in the car (I had). I finally broke down and bought a hat at the bookstore, which was a […]

Fire Follow-Up

For more on the fire, this time in native English, see Saturday’s New York Times article, “Literary Treasures Lost in Fire at German Library.”

via Professor Baptista

Fist (Faust) Collection

I must apologize for having neglected my blog for the past few days-After getting back from Stuttgart I have been, well.. tired. I’ve gone home from work and either taken a nap (and ignored the doorbell), or in the case of yesterday, went to the Rez and hung out reading for a couple hours.

I’ve […]