June 2024



Until I moved to Weimar, I can honestly say I never really gave graffiti a second thought beyond “Why do people have to deface public property?”

However, I’m somewhat of a pragmatist and I can remember clear as a day when I once sat next to a staunch conservative Republican in America—she had little tolerance […]

Things I Read…

It’s time for one of my occasional updates about things I am reading on the net.

Last time I revealed some things about the other blogs I was reading, I let it slip that I was reading a porn star’s blog—an incredibly self-centered shallow porn-star. Out of the three gay porn star blogs I am […]

Advice Bitte

Ok, so instead of focusing on the petty things in my life, I am going to get all meta-bloggy on you today ‘cause I have a question. I promise to be back to regular swill tomorrow. So here’s my question:

How do you deal with linkage?

I try to keep a relatively trim list of […]

Links Updates

I’ve posted new links on the right, including Temple of Me; Bend it Like a Banana; and ITMFA.

I’ve also deleted a few that were, sadly, not being updated regularly any more—which is one of the saddest things in cyberspace: a favored site going silent without explanation.

Camera Update: Screw not replaced, but I moved […]

Web Links

I thought that it was time to share a few of the things I’ve recently found on the web.

First off, Scottish Widows. It doesn’t seem to be a joke.

Tired of reading and analyzing the comics? The Comics Curmudgeon/Josh reads them for you and comes up with great insight as to what’s going on. […]

Letter Writing

Read this one at MT’s site.

Wish Fulfilled

Didn’t want to go back!

Speaking Beyond Death

See MT for this amusing story.