May 2024


Whatchamacallit 42: Costa de Caparica Bottle Opener

The best bottle opener on the planet.

I believe it was back in early September 2012 — when I celebrated being half of my Mother’s age — that I acquired the above bottle opener.

At that point I spent a week on the beaches south of Lisbon doing exactly nothing.

Honestly, lying on […]

Today I am 14,095 days old.

No, it’s not my birthday, but it is an important day for me: My mom was 14,095 days old when she gave birth to me.

Practically speaking, it means that I am, today, exactly half of my Mother’s age.

This weekend I’m in Portugal, specifically Costa da Caparica – a smallish resort city just south […]


Until I moved to Weimar, I can honestly say I never really gave graffiti a second thought beyond “Why do people have to deface public property?”

However, I’m somewhat of a pragmatist and I can remember clear as a day when I once sat next to a staunch conservative Republican in America—she had little tolerance […]

Lisbon, 2005

Merry Christmas

Random Weekend Pictures

Here are some photos from my weekend. I hope you enjoy them, especially you-Anke!


I’m almost blond!

Three afternoons on the beach wearing sunscreen has meant that I’ve avoided getting burned, but my hair is a different story.

I noticed after getting back from the beach this afternoon that it’s noticeably lighter in color—a far lighter brown than I normally see when I look in the mirror. At the rate I’m going […]

Driving to the Beach!

I spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon at the beach, and I’m happy to report that my 17,20€ sunscreen worked well: no sunburn to report today.

The beach is about 25 kilometers from my hotel and I am fortunate that my friend here is willing to loan me his car, so it’s just a matter […]

Heads Up, IUMike’s Up!

Just a warning to my regular readers—although I am able to post easily whilst in Lisbon and New York City, I expect my ease of posting to drop considerably while I am in Turkey.

My guest blogger for that period of time will be close friend and all around amazing guy, IUMike, who I met […]

Inside Lisbon

Looking for hot tips about Lisbon?

Look further, ‘cause I can only tell you about the office I was in yesterday—from about 8:30 until 5 or so. I was busy working.

During my off hours, I’ve been busy sleeping. My last few days in Weimar left me exhausted, and I ended up going to bed […]

In Lisbon, Again

For those of you keeping track of me, I’m in Lisbon.

The trip was relatively painless: I’d rented a Mini Cooper for Saturday night, so all I had to do was get up, take a shower, and drive it over to the Leipzig Airport, which it did quite well—I peaked at about 190 on the […]