May 2024


B2B: The Return (Delayed)

The weather which I bitched about yesterday (and, for that matter, the day before), came back to haunt me today.

Come to think of it, I’ve had a streak of really bad luck when it comes to travel over the past few months. I don’t think I’ve blogged about everything, but suffice it to say […]

Vou Dou

Before I start the Vou Dou story, I just wanted to let you know that my suitcase found me today.

Anyhow, MT, Mike, and I met up one evening while in New Orleans to take the VouDou Witchcraft Tour. Leaving aside our individual appreciations of the tour, the tour ended at Erzulie’s, an authentic voudou […]

home. partially.

So I’m back in Weimar.

But my suitcase is not.

This seems familiar. Twice.

New Year’s Eve, Prague Style

Now that I’m on my way back home and my suitcase is with me, I decided to rewrite some of what I had written before about New Year’s Eve in Prague and instead focus on the positive about having had my suitcase misplaced for a day and a half.

I had to wear my heavy […]

New Year’s Eve & Day

First off, I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

I rung in the New Year in Prague and had a fabulous time doing so. I have written a long entry about it, but on my laptop, so it must wait until I connect the laptop to the Internet.

Unfortunately, my bag is not […]


I’m in Prague.

Unfortunately my luggage is not.

Settling In

Wow-what a day Thursday was- I did an amazing number of things considering my sleep deprivation and general attitude toward life.

I went to bed last night around 8, and then woke at midnight, and several other times-each time I made a pilgrimage to the bathroom. From having to walk 10 feet to the bathroom, […]


Ok, here is the status of my life: I am tired–but that is to be expected. Everything, except my suitcases, are here in Jena/Weimar. My suitcases have some how made their way to Munich and will fly to Erfurt later this evening, arriving in Erfurt around 8:30–which means they will make it to my place […]

Moving Day

Ah, as I write this I am sitting in the BordRestaurant waiting for the train to leave the station. Once the train gets going, I will be starting the last leg of my journey from Bloomington to Weimar.

The trip has not been without its hitches. Several hitches actually, but thanks to a wonderful United […]